We hope to catch up with Mayor Kevin Johnson tonight, on the show, to talk about David Taylor and the ICON group being appointed the task of analyzing the financial feasibility of building a new sports facility.  Right now, David Taylor is declining media requests, so hopefully Mayor Kevin Johnson can shed some light today.

Peja Stojakovic also returns to Arco Arena tonight, to face the Kings.  I’m sure that he will spend a few minutes catching up with the show.

We are still trying to get in contact with Aaron Rodgers.  We hope to get him on this week.

Comments (2)
  1. Almost a Believer says:

    Mayor Johnson actually had me believing, and I’m not a big fan of his. Mayor Johnson needs to do just 1 thing he mentioned in his interview to get my support for a new arena: Protect the taxpayer. To me that means 2 things: 1) a FIXED cost to the public, known in advance. All the risk of cost overruns are borne by private parties; and 2) show me a Reasonable argument for how the public recoups its investment. Break-even is fine.


  2. Darren King says:

    Is there somewhere on the website where I can hear the interview with Mayor Johnson?

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