Stockton School Trustee Used District Credit Card For Personal Purchases

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton school trustee’s credit card purchases could land him in trouble with the law.
Jose Morales used a Stockton Unified School District credit card for his own use.

Trips to Starbucks, dry cleaning bills, and gas station stops were just some of the places he spent school money.

All while the district deals with a $25 million deficit.

Morales did pay the money back after the purchases came to light.

But the school district is still asking the District Attorney to considering prosecuting him.

  • Tax Payer

    Typical politician, it’s always ok to abuse other peoples money. The only reason he paid it back is because he was caught, other wise he would of just kept spending…

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  • Intheknow

    Trustees really don’t have many district-related expenses, and if they do, a reimbursement process is the best control. There is no need for a trustee to have posession of a district credit card.

  • ReformEd

    Actually he only paid back a little more than $300 and it was only after he saw that an inquiry on his spending had been placed on the board agenda. He justfies his expenses as appropriate, which includes purchases made at Starbucks, Walmart, meals and for gas. I agree with Intheknow, there should be a reimbursement process to provide more accountability for expenditures instead of free reign with an issued credit card. This is disheartening when considering that SUSD teachers are facing a pay cut, furlough days and larger class sizes due to the enormous budget deficit in SUSD. I try to always look at the bright side but SUSD always seems to find a way to bring the rain.

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