SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The San Joaquin County teen who was arrested Wednesday for allegedly killing her baby and burying it in a field, will be charged as an adult.

Seventeen-year-old Patricia Lopez will also be charged with child abuse resulting in the child’s death.

Lopez was admitted to a local hospital Tuesday afternoon for birth complications. That’s when is when authorities learned she had given birth in the bathroom of her single-wide trailer.

Sheriff’s deputies believe that she killed the baby in the bathroom and then buried the baby’s body in a field adjacent to the mobile homes located on Holt Road, just west of Stockton.

According to authorities, the girl was apparently living at the mobile home with her parents. Lopez was booked into Juvenile Hall.

Comments (19)
  1. Fed Up says:

    Ok I have had it with the tasteless photos accompanying your news.It is vulgar and sensationalistic and I will no longer watch your broadcasts or read your site.

    1. Jason says:

      i agree. How classy is that. Good thing she didn’t flush it.

    2. Johnny Rios says:

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  2. avian dueces says:

    Tasteless was the crime that took place. My heart goes out to the family and may God bless that child.

  3. Baffled at "Fed Up" says:

    Fed Up, Would you have rather they posted the actual picture? I don’t think the picture they posted was that awful to go to the extreme you are and over reacting. I think the tasteless and vulgar part is the actual crime and I would hope you had thought so as well.

    1. Katy says:

      I completely agree. The crime is much worse then the photo. This shows how much this girl thought of her child…to just bury it in a dirt field??? I think the picture proves the point. There is nothing “tasteful” about someone murdering their own child!

  4. Grammar Guy says:

    That’s when is when authorities learned she had given birth in the bathroom of her single-wide trailer.

    1. Roxanne says:

      Yeah, they really need to spell/grammar check before they send stuff out for the whole world to see. Nonetheless, this is a very sad/disturbing story!

  5. SUZIE Q says:


  6. sad says:

    This is so sad, poor baby and I feel bad for her too even though what she did was not right. Too bad no one was there to support her or tell her that everything would be okay.

    1. wow says:

      I agree, she was probably terrified and alone. She did a horrible thing but maybe she needs help too..

  7. ... says:

    I think the news needs to not publicize this news so that people like you can judge and criticize her. But of course its easy for all of you guys to just blame her instead of looking at the facts and details behind the crime. And I`m not saying that what she did was right but if you guys would know her like us, her family and friends, you wouldn`t be ignorant enough to say what you say. God bless her and all of you guys, and may we all learn from her mistake and from your own hurtful words. All she needs is support and you guys are definetely not demonstrating that. Instead, everyone should mind their own buisiness and “not judge a book by its cover”.

    1. Mortified says:

      Seriously? It’s just a “mistake” to murder an innocent? God bless her for killing? I thought that was a no-no in the bible. Maybe you family and friends should have given her more support BEFORE she had a baby in a trailer and killed it.

  8. gypsygirl says:

    ok so where were you? obviously not supporting her, if she felt like she had to go to that extreme.. I agree on the not judging part. No one knows how her mindframe was at the time of the murder. and yes i say MURDER. she did in fact kill a innocent living and breathing human being, lets not forget about that. I feel sorry for the girl but my heart goes out to that poor innocent baby. She should be responsible for her actions and face the consequences for it.

  9. thebrunswickpapers says:

    Where were the parents?

  10. kirk says:

    Please lets send her a thank you note.. The kid would have been in jail in another 15 years anywah and on welfare in another month. Deport her and the parents.

    1. TruthHURTS says:

      Yup. The reality

  11. Lance de Cesare says:

    Whoever it is that is supporting her, SHAME ON YOU, if you know her so well, where were YOU when she was murdering her baby! God cannot bless her, she murdered one of his innocent children! She definatley needs help I admit that. BUT IF you were a good friend, you would have known that she was pregnant, AND been able to help her through this without it ending so badly. These people criticize her because she has done the most awful thing a person can do. We are not talking about a dented fender on your neighbors car!

  12. Dave says:

    DEATH PENALTY please.

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