SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Sacramento Sheriff’s deputies have released surveillance video of a pair of suspects breaking into a Citrus Heights medical marijuana dispensary.

The break-in happened overnight at the shop on Auburn Boulevard.

The suspects, seen wearing hooded sweatshirts, were caught on surveillance tape walking around the shop.

Authorities say the pair busted the front windows intending to steal marijuana but police say nothing was taken.

The owner says the medical marijuana is kept in a locked area in back of the store.

Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputies say this was one of two medical marijuana dispensaries broken into overnight.

Comments (8)
  1. leo says:

    They didn’t think the weed would be locked up in the back? They broke in and left with nothing?

    I guess that’s what you’d call a “burnt” mission…
    Hahaha. I love marijuana but I would never steal it. These men need to find a job that can support their marijuana use. I don’t like paying for it either, but nothing in life is free.

    1. John says:

      the People who broke into this place stole my bike from my apartment in Folsom then they hit up that place have the y made any arrests cause I would like my Bike back

  2. bbg3010 says:

    i agree Leo!!! doesnt look like they had thought in this plan at all!!! hahahaha to funny!

  3. Lavenia Winter says:

    Hilarious!! OMG!! I. Think. I’m. Dying.

  4. Christian says:

    Morons absolute morns lol. I guess that’s why they are crooks though cause they’re to stupid to get a real job. These Dispensaries are run by not for profits most of the time and co-ops. The people are extremely hard working and most are doing it to actually help people not turn a buck. To take advantage of these people is truly disgusting and akin to stealing a cancer patients meds.

  5. Calib says:

    I guess they didn’t “hash” out that plan well enough… 🙂

  6. How To says:

    I’m glad these guys had security video camera’s. I recommend all dispensaries have video camera’s this protects workers and patients.

    I wrote a book to help people get in the dispensary business.

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