SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As people gear up to do some Spring home improvements, The Home Depot is looking to hire 1,000 part-time workers in the Sacramento-area for its busiest time of year.

The Home Depot is looking to hire and train new associates during February and March to get ready for its second annual Spring Black Friday which actually takes place over four different weekends in March and April.

The Spring Black Friday deals include door busters on the hottest items used in spring.

If you’d like to apply for a seasonal job at Home Depot, you can visit and select “In-Store Hourly” in your city and click search.

Or you can go apply at in-store kiosks at your local Home Depot  store.

Comments (23)
  1. Jeff says:

    That ‘s good news but it’s only temporary.To create financial security you have to own your own business!You will never get ahead by working for someone else.(exchanging hours for dollars)There are not enough hours to exchange for dollars to create wealth.Work for yourself!

  2. djgrooveline says:

    2500 people showed up for 100 jobs at the river cats for seasonal jobs. I’m guessing 25000 people apply at home depot.

  3. JJ says:

    Home Depot, will you hire ex-inmates?

    1. Jason says:

      No. They clearly ask for it on the application. You can try though…

    2. renee says:

      There is not supposed to be any discrimination against that, although it does matter what you were in for. Any type of violent crime is a no no. HD is very BIG on safety and the safety of others.

      1. jj says:

        Renee, you have me on this one, but still we have a right to exist and seek work as any citizen.

      2. Renee says:

        That you do, all I’m saying is that’s how they work. We all do stupid things whether it be when we were young or in the heat of the moment. If it happens to be a violent crime, they won’t do it. Sometimes going so far back as 10 or more years.

  4. Keith says:

    Maybe they shold go out to thier parking lot. That’s what everyone else does.

  5. Michael says:

    Clearly Home Depot and other large American companies are not doing their part to help employ disadvantaged people in our society (especially those who have been to jail or prison). I challenge Home depot and other companies in our communities to step up to the plate and help employ the many men and women in our society who just want to rebuild their lives and do the right thing, but who can not find employment only because they have done time in prison. What about those who have worked hard to rehabilitate themselves? If you are not going to be a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

    1. Cheryl Garcia says:

      I like this comment I have a daughter who has had problems but is taking care of her legal matters as we speak. It would be great if home depot would take into consideration that just because you been in trouble does not mean you do not want to work.

      1. jj says:

        Cheryl Garcia, did you read the comments for ex-inmates who want an opportunity as everyone else? I can reply to them with such caustic wit, but I will state that with this conformist attitude against us, these status quo voters will continue to pay for us. Pay for us as in continued incarceration, medical care, and welfare. So, if these coward businesses refuse to hire us, they will continue to pay for us. jj

    2. Please Give Me A HandOut says:

      that’s a YOU problem because You made choices that affected YOU, its not a me or we problem. Wether you completed a program or “rehabilitate” yourself, it still doesn’t change the fact that you served time and when seved time, its people like your family and tax paying citizens that foot your bills for your medical, rehad, programs, social security, health, etc.. so please don’t tell your communities and companies to “step up” because as a society, we already paid for half your life, its time for you to step it up and not the other way around. Life is tough so deal with it, if I was a company, I would hire a person that’s got a clean record who contributed to society then so ex-con who ruined not only his life but those around him. Welcome to the ouside world, there’s choices and consequences.

      1. Theresa Nilsson says:

        Nicely said:)

      2. Heather says:


      3. jj says:

        That’s a ME problem? Okay, when the Russian and Chinese armies begin the liberation of this country, and enter our shores, don’t call on me to defend you, me as in ex-inmates and soon to be ex-inmates. Go call on a clean record person to protect you. You didn’t protect me, I (we) won’t protect you. God O mighty, the wimpy spineless of you who will not allow us to work and live. The greatest payback is we will not protect you when you cry out in anguish for protection.

      4. My Daddy says:

        It looks like you didn’t take your time to learn to read or write while you served your time because you are very incoherent, the Chinese and Russian armies? LOL. BTW, I wouldn’t want an ex-con to protect me if they do invade, matter of fact I’ll probably shoot one if I see one.

  6. jj says:

    Heather, same to you, don’t call on me to protect you.

  7. jj says:

    Theresa Nilsson, don’t you call on me, every ex-inmate to protect you when we are finally liberated by the foreign invaders, you wimpy status quo voter.jj

  8. Your words are a reflection of who you are! DUHH says:

    Funny how SO MANY have something negative to say about a company that DOES SO MUCH for their communities. If your that hard up for a job why don’t you go spin a sign on the sidewalk instead of sitting at home looking for something bad to say about something you apparently know NOTHING about! I know for A FACT that HD will hire with a felony, or even if you have been incarcerated! YOUR ATTITUDE is what is keeping you from being hired by a respectable company. The whole blame game and woe is me, NO ONE will help me attitude. HELP YOURSELF and quit playing the blame game. Maybe then, when you finally learn to take responsibility for your own actions, will a company like HD look at you as a possible candidate for hire rather than a child still crying because he or she can’t seem to figure out how to get back up on their bike!

    1. jj says:

      When they allow me to proceed past the application phase, I’ll relent on my oh me, oh my attitude.jj

      1. :) says:

        Granted it is not as easy as it once was to be hired by HD. Now all the hiring goes through their corporate office in Atlanta. But if you are a BUGABOO they will know that you are serious. Having an inside pall always helps. You will have to call HD to get the number. You just say that you are inquiring about an application you submitted. And never put a specific dept. You say you will work in any dept. to at least get your foot in the door. The interview is when you then give specifics about where you want to be. Your app. is good for 6 months so you have 6 months to BUG, then you will need to reapply.

  9. jj says:

    Reply to MY DADDY: duly noted, I will lay down my arms when the Chinese and Russian armies arrive at your door.jj

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