Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don talks about seeing a guy destroy a gas pump, reads the newest column from USA Today Writer Craig Wilson, and plays demo tapes of Carmichael Dave and Little Joe’s “Radio Show with No Name”

Don tells us about the guy at AM/PM who busted a gas pump, and reads the nasty emails from house fraus who watch Good Day Sacramento.

How to adjust your Facebook privacy settings so people can’t get your phone number, Billy Ray Cyrus is a jackass, and where do farts come from?

Don gets a hold of some demo tapes of Dave and Little Joe (from the Rise Guys) from the late 90’s, and we get a glimpse of the young, raw, amazing talent that is Carmichael Dave!

Part 2 of the Dave and Joe demo tape!

Don reads Craig Wilson’s USA Today column.

Time for another visit from our good friend, CBS 13’s Tony Lopez.

Caller 100, happy ending


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