MODESTO (CBS13) – Residents in a Modesto neighborhood are so concerned about crime they may bring in armed security guards.

The residents are members of the College Area Neighborhood Alliance.

“I don’t know the feeling on an armed patrol.  That may becoming a little bit drastic,” said neighbor Dave Jones. “I don’t feel the need for it yet.”

 Residents must first approve the plan to bring in armed security guards and at least 500 residents will have to pay $25 a month for the patrol.

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  1. Jack says:

    Poor California. They don’t understand that where ever liberalism and leftist politics go, crime, squalor, chaos, poverty and violence soon follow. They need to wake up before it’s too late.

    1. moxichick says:

      Ironically, those states that the more conservative and liberal when it comes to gun laws have the highest crime rates. Go figure! Check the FBI stats if you think I’m lying. California comes in #16 on that count.

      1. robthom says:

        Thats because college educated liberals prefer to live in exclusive pricey communities like berkeley.

        While those of us without enough money to escape the results of liberalism become increasingly conservative through actual experience.

        I defy you to show me a traditionally conservative area that has ever allowed itself to become as crime ridden as any liberal driven city.

  2. MexiChick says:

    I believe that Arden Park has hired private patrol officers. Three years ago when I had family and friends living there I would hear of some serious home robberies. I live in South Sacramento and I was shocked at the number of robberies, but the media never seems to talk about it. Wonder why?

  3. Dave says:

    Good start, now just need to eliminate and terminate all gang members.

    1. flyswatter says:

      Yeah, the Republican/conservative/madhatter Party and and their head rat, America’s Politically and Racially Correct Drug Addict, Lush Limpbrain.

  4. Monstera Deliciosa says:

    Be proactive: get your CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit, residents of Stanislaus County! So far, Sheriff Christianson has been true to his campaign promise of relaxing his grip on issuing concealed carry permits! Many people have been applying, and from what I’ve heard, nobody without a criminal record (or other red flag) is being turned down.

    You need to take a mandated 8-hour course–there are several locations about the city–its costs about a hundred bucks. You have to do a little paperwork, have an interview, etc. The whole process takes about 6 months because the Sheriff is backed up with the flood of applicants.

    Be responsible, be extra careful, and don’t let fear become your life!

  5. Dan Crocker says:

    Its a fact that an armed populace reduces crime while on the same token, a disarmed populace breeds crime. Criminals don’t want to encounter armed victims. It’s too dangerous and occasionally results in the criminal getting himself shot.

  6. tommysb5 says:

    I have often wondered why it that Conservatives are called the “right” and Liberals
    are called the “left”. By chance there is a verse in the Bible: “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the “fool” to the left. “Ecclesiastes 10:2
    Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen..
    Can’t get any simpler than that !!!

    1. Coyoteman says:

      If the Scriptures are understood, “left” is judgment, restriction, while “right” is mercy, expansion. It may be that the terms are reversed for these two points of view and that the Scripture actually states the opposite attribute to your interpretation.

    2. Jacob Stocke says:

      It apparently dates from the French parliament who sat in a particular order with the more conservative group on the Right and the more liberal on the Left although, as I understand it, their Right group is more of what we would consider a Centrist Democrat and their Left group was the Socialist party, or what we here would call “Far Left.”

  7. greg says:

    ok this should be put in place.the modesto city police wont do there job .i had a break in at my neigbors house witch was up for sale. called 911 after noticing that the back door was infact kicked open .20 mins later i received a phone call from the responding officer and said there was nothing he could do . only way he could do anything about it is if there was someone hurt in the home. the officer said the laws dont allow him to serch a empty house that is up for sale for intruders . so he drove by and used a spotlight on the house. leaving me to walk back over there at 2 am in the morning and try to secure the backdoor myself. thank you modesto police dept for protecting and servering the neigborhood . next time the police wants communites help . i for 1 will say i can’t help for my laws dont allow it. once again this happened about 2 months ago.

    1. mike n says:

      This has to do specifically with the state of CA stealing city and county funds to pay for their petty, ridiculous, worthless “progrmas”, which are usually financial sops to buy votes. So, in reality, the reason we are having these manpower issues locally is the leftists in Sacramento aer stealing all our local tax dollars.

  8. greg says:

    i live in modesto and was born here .i have seen modesto go to hell in a hand basket the last 30 years .modesto police just drive around for 15 to 25 mins and then drive to the s.o.s. golf course or the modesto nuts baseball stadium and park their cars and do nothing unless its high profile. protect and server modesto is something from the past and in todays time it means drive around and do nothing and get paid for it .i say we hire armed gaurds or we arm are selfs. i am a law abidin citiz and do own a handgun. the police wont do there jobs them lets get them out of there cars and jobs .cus i am tired of doing the mans work for him so mpd wake up cus your losing the fight here and it will only get worst so please wake up for god sakes and do your job . protect and serve .

    1. BurglarMan says:

      ¿ por que ?

  9. SemperFido says:

    My CCW permit is the 2nd amendment. Oddly, no CA law enforcement officer has ever confiscated my weapon while I carried it.

  10. Jimsanidiot says:

    The only good leftist is a dead one. — See? I can make a remark just as stupid as you can.

  11. joe says:

    How about Calling I.C.E to rid of these worthless brown roaches!

    1. steve says:

      no i dont think that will help since most the crack heads robbing people are white

      1. MAC49 says:

        Because white boys don’t have ten kids, living withh some stupid chic drawing welfare, food stamps, and drawing diability for himself, after all he is diabled, better yet unable to work due to his addiction. Maybe most white boys stay away from people to keep their addiction to themselves, and not force it on innocent children. Most white boys don’t steal they panhandle. Therefore its stupid people who give them money on the street corner feeding their drug habit. That that sounds just about as stupid as your reply. But Actually closer to the truth then yours.

    2. MAC49 says:

      They are protected by politicians and libs

      1. MAC49 says:

        Sorry this was for Joes comment about I.C.E.

  12. Jacob Stocke says:

    The crime is just a cover, in this particular case, the organization which first approached the community groups with the idea of such security forces has the goal of eliminating the homeless in these areas through armed patrols. It’s been the ongoing subject of investigation and action by the writers of the Modesto Anarcho zine.

    They’ve been attending the meetings of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness for a while and monitoring these events as they unfold. You can find their article on the subject here:

    1. miken says:

      Jacob – Your post is an utter and complete lie. The reason this organization was even put together has to do with drug addicts taking over Gracaeda and Enslen Parks, (finding needles at children’s soccer practices, for example), drug addicts breaking into cars on their way to the methadone clinic on the corner of McHenry and Modesto Ave, and the multiple issues with drug-addled or drunken “homeless” attacking our homes (our nextdoor neighbor had a drugged up bum pouding on her door for 20 minutes 2 weeks ago, and had to call the police), and other bums starting fires in our garbage cans as they search for bottles and cans (which almost cost my family our home last year). So take your garbage and try and peddle it elsewhere.

      The “homeless” (most often drugged-up bums, who seem to be able to afford meth, booze and cigarettes pretty well) are not free to attack our homes, cars, children, or destroy the safety of our neighborhood. And people like you are part of the “homeless” problem. How many “homeless” do you take in each and every night at your house? II’m sorry, I mean your mommy and daddy’s house. I’m sure the answer is “none”. Why? You seem to feel they are all upstanding citizens, simply down on their luck.

      BTW, the organization to which you link is an execrable group, with labsolutely zero insight or value to add to any discussion. What a complete and total joke you are.

  13. Charlene Flippins says:

    Security can be a good thing to have , but armed I don’t agree. Security is there to observe and report and for this type of situation armed security is not the answer. Majority most of the problems that we face are unarmed .. It’s best to have security patrol neighbor hoods and report to police if they see a potential problem.

  14. Lynn says:

    A armed society is a polite society.

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