STOCKTON (CBS13) —  A very brazen shooting happened in the parking lot of a Stockton Walgreens, while security cameras captured the entire event.

A man wearing a hat pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking the victim in the face with one of the bullets.  The victim fell to the ground as the gunman got away as he laid motionless on the concrete.

Police say the shooting happened just before 8 p.m. on Monday night.

Security cameras caught the victim walking out of the Walgreens on West Lane, just as the suspect’s car pulled up. 

Police say that just as the victim started to enter his car, the pair of men began to argue.  Then the gunman shoved the victim, and a woman got out of the car.

Authorities say it’s not long after the argument started that a fist fight ensued between the two men, and then the shooter aimed at the victim’s head and fired at least one round, hitting him in the face.

“After we cut it off, you see a lot of citizens come forward tending to the young man until the medics get there,” says Officer Pete Smith, Stockton Police Department.

Investigators have released the violent video because they’re hoping someone out there knows the shooter or the woman driving the getaway car, which police describe as a light colored or silver Chevy HHR.

“We’d like to get their side of the story, we have a very convoluted situation here,” says Officer Smith.

Police say it’s not clear if the pair knew each other, and there is nothing suggesting either are gang members.

The victim is expected to survive.

Comments (13)
  1. user1 says:

    So if the police released the video, where is the link to it?

  2. ikeepsitreal says:

    it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

  3. lyne says:

    where is the video located at

  4. theresa says:

    why they want the shooter ,,they will just let him out to do it again…

  5. Jesse Snow says:

    DUH!! just hit the play button, if you can’t see the video then you don’t have FLASH installed.

  6. clarity says:

    Well, they did at least try to clean up the writing– the story was nearly incomprehensible a couple of hours ago. It’s still poorly written, but it seems an editor has at least looked at it and corrected some of the most egregious errors. It’s curious though that my earlier comment about the lack of clarity in this story has been deleted.

  7. Akiba says:

    Listen, it’s about time for us to STOP! There is absolutely NO reason for you to show me on the news, a man being shot! NONE WHATSOEVER! This is why we are so desensitized to violence today. The simple fact is, 15-20 years ago, this would have been a clip on an ‘Worlds most Troubling Video clips’ VHS, that was not for viewing by the general public. But, today, in 2011, we, the media (as I am included….a local reporter) seem not to be concerned about the nature of the edge of the content we deliver. It is time to STOP, and return to a sense of function that does NOT display on the news, a man being shot in cold blood. Whether or not he survived, showing abject violence on TV needs to STOP.

    1. james says:

      You think they show this video just for pure pleasure? They show it so that someone might recognize the shooter or the car he left the scene in. Get real, This is a good use of this technology. Most likely, becuz of showing this video, he will get caught. What has got to stop is these lilly liver losers who use guns to fight an unarmed person. Bunch or wu ssies out there these days.

      1. Akiba says:

        Really? You looked at that video and can tel ‘something’…..ANYTHING!?!?!? You’re funny. Seriously, the problem I have with YOU is that you act like the SHOOTING needed to be shown. Everything that could act as a ‘CLUE” that was viewable in that video could have been shown WITHOUT showing the shooting. But it sound like you have no concern about that, and the affect it has on the psych of those watching……Well, I completely disagree. Show the person….their car…..the hat he was wearing….so on and so forth, but there is NO need to show us the actual shooting.

    2. Itchik says:

      I agree that there is too much violence on television – but that is gratuitous, manufactured violence. It is unnecessary. This is different. Maybe YOU can’t tell anything from the video, but anybody who actually knows the shooter would recognize him immediately.

      Your TV has on On/Off button on it. Use it.

  8. $jCbEAST says:

    Check it out.. 54 seconds into this video the victim walks next to the silver car, as it pulls in. he hits the left rear of the car with the butt of his fist..dude obviously got out of the car and confronted him.

  9. james says:

    let these roaches kill each other, Maybe Stockton will be the City it used to be.

  10. Itchik says:

    Looks like self-defense to me.

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