TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A 2-year-old dog that disappeared near Sacramento, Calif., has been reunited with his owner after turning up 715 miles away near Tacoma, Wash.

Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County’s Marguerite Richmond says the owner was overjoyed when he picked up Bear Saturday morning. She says “it was a very happy ending.”

Bryan Rapozo of Rio Linda, Calif., told the News Tribune of Tacoma his dog disappeared Tuesday afternoon.

A woman found the 20-pound Patterdale terrier named Bear roaming in Lakewood, Wash. and turned him in Thursday to the Humane Society. The agency was able to scan Bear’s microchip and track down his owner.

Agency officials say the dog probably traveled the distance in somebody’s vehicle.

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Comments (11)
  1. theresa says:

    good people in washington lucky blessed dog.

  2. jim miller says:

    Great dog story

  3. Katrina says:

    If I ever get another dog, I am definitely getting it microchipped.

  4. elle rye says:

    let this be a lesson all you dog lovers: the BEST thing to do is take a roaming dog to a nearby vet or animal shelter; not home & not out of the area. If you want to take the dog – do so after the waiting period is passed – not afterward.

  5. elle rye says:

    I meant not “BEFORE” …but you already got that. right?

  6. Sue says:

    I am glad that this dog was reunited with his owner and is apparently in OK condition. Good thing he was microchipped!

  7. bears mommy says:

    Mommy loves u bear cant wait till u get home in the morning ! Hugs and kisses .!

    1. vsher says:

      I just want to say, for Bear too, thank you for taking the time to chip him.

  8. Mark Jenkins says:

    At Last some GOOD NEWS- Microchipping is a blessing and necessary these days. So Glad Bear was reunited with his owner.

  9. Elliott the Cat says:

    You notice the dog was taken and not found in Sacramento !

    I live in Sacramento, The couple next door got a dog for Christmas and someone took it a week later. My first thought was who would steal a dog ?

    Sacramento has a long way to go before becoming attractive to business’s, tourists or home owners. Until then the locals will drag down what little good still remains.

    Sacramento has 3 times the crime as the rest of California.
    To many Mack Road Zombie Tweekers

  10. Jay Nielsen says:

    See? I knew you newspeople were capable of publishing a positive story. How about less madness and mayhem and more inspirational stories like this one?

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