Man Receives Eviction Notice Due To Guide Dog

CAMERON PARK (CBS13) —  A local man says that he is getting evicted from his home because of his guide dog that he cannot live without.

Vern, Randy Cumming’s guide dog, is retired and no longer considered a service dog. But, according to California regulation and the rules at the Cameron Park Mobile Home Park Estates, Vern is now considered a pet.

Park Manager, Jim Dunn, recently told Cummings, who has lived in the park for three years, that Vern would have to leave when Cummings brings home his new guide dog.  Apparently, a complaint had been received, and after 7 ½ years of faithful service, Vern will have to find another place to live.

Nikki Simpson, Cummings’ girlfriend, says that that they like the park, the managers and they hope there can be a compromise for Vern.

CBS13 spoke with park management who says they think the entire story has been blown out of proportion, but they didn’t want to speak on camera, but they say they are considering a compromise.

Vern’s owner, Randy, is currently at the Home for Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, training his new guide dog and is expected to be home in about two weeks.


One Comment

  1. Victoria Connolly says:

    ADA states service dogs are not pets. Hence they should be able to keep one pet and the service dog. The service dog is like a cane or a walker. The pet is a pet. They should contact Fair Housing. and file a complaint. It’s a federal violation

    1. Dog Lover 2 says:

      Where in the article does it say they allow pets? They let him keep Vern when he was a guide dog because he was a guide dog. I think that the man should be able to keep his dog. I just can’t figure out which story many of these commentors read.

  2. Jennifer Gottfried says:

    I tend to agree. I am pretty sure that active or retired, Vern would still be considered a service dog, and therefore, he should be allowed to stay. Regardless, I’m not sure if Vern’s owners would really want to stay in a place where the owners are such jerks as to “evict” Vern just because his master is getting a new guide dog. That’s pretty sad, and says a lot about the some of the people in this country. Can’t everybody just play nice?

  3. Kate Davis says:

    The park likely has a rule permitting one pet per househould in its Rules & Regulations. The service dog is not considered a pet.

    Who are these park managers? Who actually owns the park?

    1. Bob says:

      Where do you get the idea they allow pets?

  4. Rich Silverman says:

    What can we do to help? We will donate money, wrute or call whoever might help, adopt Vern, etc. Please, Vern should stay with his human partners and enjoy his retirment.

  5. Kathy says:

    But it is the whole story that he is being evicted because of the dog or not paying rent, most owners should know you can not be kicked out if you have a service dog. and even if you did have a service dog you still have to follow the rules. so I am sure it something else besides the dog.

  6. laurie209 says:

    Now, we all know that this manager of the trailer park will be considered the most heartless person in America if Vern was forced out. I don’t think that he would live with himself either knowing what he did. If residents complain, they are not looking at this from a realistic point of view. Vern was a guide dog and still is do to his training, Vern may be retired but his title remains. A pet is forever. You don’t toss them aside when they can no longer perform. Same for a working dog.

  7. Dog lover says:

    And where did the complaint come from anyway? Some busybody neighbor? Just because the dog retired, doesn’t mean you just dump him. Working dogs are so devoted to their owner as not only are they their best friend, but are responsible for them, so when a dog retires, they should be considered and continued to be covered under the ADA law. Not fair. It’s very unlikely that the trained dog was running aruond driving others crazy or something.

  8. Shelley says:

    Vern needs to be now declared as a Companion Animal. Under the ADA if you get a letter from your Dr., then Vern’s owner would be able to keep him.


    Welcome to OBAMAS WORLD AND JERRY BROWNS WORLD….STUPID rules made by STUPID politicians elected by STUPID voters….this state has gone from the golden state to the illegal, illerate, hillbilly welfare capital of the world….we need another RONALD REGAN to save us from the insanity.

    1. Kat Reese says:

      Talk about STUPID….your comment was about the STUPIDEST one I’ve ever seen!

    2. jarad says:

      Um, you misspelled “illiterate”, it doesn’t make you look particularly bright. It is funny though, in a special kind of way…


        Very good,Jarad…As intended to prove a point and you spotted it…you are a real special guy…you silly savage….did you also spot Reagan?…our hero.

    3. Mark Jenkins says:

      You mispelled illiterate and REAGAN- If you can’t spell any better than that, maybe you should have someone write your ignorant letters for you. Although California DOES have some of the stupidest laws on the books.


        Laws made by STUPID liberals….Liberals like you have this state on the brink of bankruptcy…so who is ignorant?….can you spell limited government?…no you can’t…it’s not in your DNA…YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY ,YOU OVER EDUCATED RUBE…..partly by wasting time on stupid laws like this one.


    Sorry, RONALD REAGAN….THERE, I GOT IT IN TWICE….got it?…dumb liberals.

  11. Michael says:

    We have a service dog who is not considered a pet under ada and state and federal law. We also have a pet that is a pet. File complaint with the houseing athority who will protect your rights in Oakland california!

  12. Charma is going to get you says:

    I say evict the sad piece of dog poop that had to put their nose into his business. It takes one piece of low life trash to do something like that, especially to a blind person. May you lose your sight for a month, just to teach you a lesson. You make me sick, and I hope charma gets you good.

  13. Benny says:

    And when you retire, you should be made to leave the only one you have loved and cared for. People like you and the laws that you hide behind, make me sick.

  14. laurie209 says:

    How can you even involve politics into this. It’s better to stick to the subject on hand than to rant about something entirely off subject.

  15. Spud says:

    I would like to see the person that made the complaint. Bet they are another sucked up, toothless tweaker trying to feel important and powerful. Who ever it was, they suck.

  16. dirtrat says:

    Funny how if there is even a hint of a ADA vilolation people are foaming at the mouth and ready to hang someone but if it goes the other way people are very willing to ignore the rules. Maybe this place doesn’t even allow pets at all or maybe there is more to the story!

  17. Beth Cameron says:

    I do not understand why this got this far or is a issue. Under Companion Animal Law does not matter if it is a working dog or a pet. Have a doctor write a prescription for the animal and that is it

  18. Richard Silverman says:

    I called the park today and explained my position and how unfair and CRUEL it is ti Vern, now an elderly dog, shou should be allowed to live out his wonderful life wiht his companions, in the world he knows. The park manager would not comment or discuss the matter. Maybe a 100 people with bull horns and signs (ala Wisconsin teachers) would make him discuss this the public. There has to be a way to allow Vern to stay and live peacefully. I iwll buy Vern if necessary and his his current companions to watch him for me…if that will help the situation. RALLY FOR VERN…he is obviously a wonderful faithful dog who does not deserve to be evicted.

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