Kings coach Paul Westphal joins Grant to talk about last nights road win, the possibility of the team leaving Sacramento, Tyreke Evans missing 3 weeks due to injury and Carl Landry being traded earlier in the week.

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  1. wayne weatherford says:

    Hopeful this will reach Coach Westphal:

    Masterful “detailed” coaching throughout the year. The detail only detracts.

    1. Start your best existing five scorers each week regardless of matchups. Those five to be determined by practices and/or last game.
    2. They understand that they will be pulled if they don’t hustle on both ends.
    3. Play “eye to chest,” man to man defense with help only in obvious situations.
    4. Play “pass first” and open man “always” shoots unless clock is expiring.
    5. Out of control offensive moves get player pulled (2nd chance if he makes it).

    Keep the above simple philosophy for ten games and see what happens. You have nothing to lose.

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