SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The owners of the Sacramento Kings will attend the sold-out game versus the Los Angeles Clippers at Arco Arena on Monday, which has become the rallying point for loyal Kings’ fans who want the team to remain at the state capital.

In a series of Tweets, Kings’ co-owner Joe Maloof said, “Gavin, George, & myself will absolutely be at the game Monday night… Those 17,317 that will be there Monday night are our friends. We will always appreciate the fans and the customer.”

Speculation over the future of the Kings has run wild after the Maloofs confirmed earlier this month they were in talks with the city of Anaheim to move the team down to the Honda Center, currently the home to the Anaheim Ducks.

The Kings’ owners are waiting for a decision from the NBA as early as Monday to find out if they will receive an extension to the March 1 deadline to apply for team relocation.

A groundswell of fan support, with social networking campaigns like “Here We Stay” and “SacDeflated” gaining quick momentum, focused on Monday’s game to demonstrate local love for the team and convince the team’s owners to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Amber Williams, one of the members behind, said she believes the fans are why the Maloofs will attend the sold-out game.

“I do think the fans and the people that have shown their support are a part of why they’re going to be there, so there is some validation,” Williams said. “It’s great, we’re very excited.”

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said last week he wasn’t happy that city officials were being kept out of the loop on team negotiations.

“We could have been notified that they were thinking about filing an extension instead of finding out on Google Alert,” Johnson said. “That, to me, is not how you deal with partners.”

Comments (14)
  1. Kathy says:

    The Kings need to stay in Sacramento, Southern Cailfornia has two NBA teams down there we need the Kings up here.There is some people that would like to see them leave but I love to watch them.

    1. mike says:

      The only way the kings will stay is with a new arena and you can take that to the bank.

  2. Bob says:

    Last go for a bunch of blood suckers….If they want to stay let thepay…not one dime of tax money or city/coundy time wasted. Johnson need to get the message to. Sacramento has bigger things to do that support these playboys.

    1. Simply Sarcastic says:

      With spelling like that Bob you may want to refrain from posting on public sites.

  3. Plain Facts says:

    “If they stay, THEY should Pay”!! If the MaGoofs do not pay for the new areana themselves, get rid of these bloodsuckers. No public funds!

    1. Oc4eva says:

      The “bloodsuckers” are welcomed in the OC. Maybe calling the owner a “bloodsucker” is not the best way to keep your team around. LA lost the Raiders because they needed a new stadium and its the same thing with the Kings. I thought that the team staying in California was a good idea. They are still your team Californians.

  4. Mrs JP says:

    Oh please, I cannot stand the kings no one wants them here so GO GO GO GO KINGS



    1. kris says:

      You do not speak for all of us and i want them to STAY!

    2. PAUL says:

      yes I agree with you Mrs JP , GO GO GO GO KINGS , GET THE F_____ OUT OF HERE.!!!!!!!!!

  5. hangtownie says:

    Now we know how Kansas City felt. On a brighter note maybe we can upgrade and lure the Clippers here. Instead of “Please stay banners” for the Kings we should have “Please move banners” for the Clippers. LOL!

  6. Mrs JP says:

    You said it =) (hangtownie) LoL Amen to that!!!!

  7. frustrated Sports fan says:

    Where will the Clippers play??? The arena will be demolished and the land sold for redevelopment. If the King’s leave, Sacramento will no longer be part of the NBA or any other major league team… Guess we will have to support our only Minor League baseball team. At least we will have some kind of sporting event to attend without traveling hours to get to. Not a big concert goer, so I guess those people will have to go to the bay area for concerts. Oh yeah, they will be supporting the sports teams there because they will be paying the bay area taxes, which support major league teams.

  8. Allan Harris says:

    My late friend, Les Harrison and his brother brought the Rochester Royals into the NBA in 1949. That franchise would eventually move to Cincinnati, then Kansas City and finally ending up in Sacremento. They won the NBA Championship in 1951, but have had some tough going since then. Hope for the people of Sacremento you can make a go of it!

  9. Tony R says:

    The Los Angels area does not need three NBA teams. Lets trade the Kings for the Clippers.

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