Pilot Not Hurt In Nevada County Plane Crash

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. (CBS13) — A pilot was able to walk away from his plane Sunday after his aircraft flipped over upon landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration said their initial report shows that a Cessna 150 overturned on the lone, snow-covered runway at the Nevada County Airport just off Loma Rica Drive after noon.

The pilot said it looked like there was simply a light dusting of snow on the runway, but when the airplane touched down, its wheels became caught in a foot and a half of snow and flipped the plane over nose-first.

The airport had been closed and without power since Friday’s storm and was unable to warn the pilot not to land.

The pilot was the only occupant on the aircraft and was not injured, authorities said.

plane3 Pilot Not Hurt In Nevada County Plane Crash

A single-propeller aircraft flipped over upon landing at the Nevada County Airport on Feb. 27, 2011. (CBS/Alan Blaich)

  • Lisa

    That is one lucky dude

  • Cany

    What saved his life is probably the snow, it cushioned the impact…and as Lisa said, he is a very lucky dude!!!

  • Kevin

    The pilot should have check for local airport’s that are close. There is lots ways to check on airport all over the US. FAA Weather FlightPlan.com lots of ways to check on a airport to see if it open and not. Make a phone call to that airport and if no one pick s up the phone try other avenue. Very poor preflight by the pilot. You always check and recheck in aviation to stay alive…

  • William

    Pilot error no doubt. But the power had been back on for awhile. AWOS should have been updated. But, alas, the county employees were off because the airport was closed and didn’t bother.

  • Scott Shaw

    I live next to the airport and had just returned from being stuck in the 18″ of snow. I saw him make the approach to land and I thought, “What’s this guy doing?” I didn’t hear his engine run up to go around but I didn’t hear a crash either. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt. The airport I’m sure was NOTAM’d closed and the pilot did not call for a briefing. However, I don’t know what the local AWOS (Automatic Weather Observation System) was reporting. Probably that it was clear skies, wind calm. I don’t know if the airport had included the words “The Airport Is Closed”.

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