STOCKTON (CBS13/AP) – A central California man was sentenced Monday to three life sentences in prison for torturing a boy who said he was burned and beaten while being held captive for more than a year.

   Anthony Waiters was ordered to serve the three life sentences concurrently. He’ll be eligible for parole after nearly 19 years.

   Waiters, 31, was the only one of four defendants to go to trial on charges that they held Kyle Ramirez captive inside a Tracy home where he testified he was kept shackled to furniture.

   Waiters, a former youth football coach who didn’t take the witness stand during his trial, told San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Terrence Van he was innocent and has love and respect for “Mr. Kyle” and his family.

   “I’m not a malevolent person,” Waiters said. “I believe I’m altruistic.”

   Waiters was convicted in November of torture, kidnapping, child abuse and false imprisonment.

   Ramirez testified during the trial that Waiters cut him, lit his pants on fire and beat him unconscious between 2007 and 2008.

   The emaciated teen, then 16, escaped to a health club in December 2008 wearing only boxer shorts and a shackle on his ankle.

   Waiters’ neighbors and the teen’s then-legal guardian accepted pleas. They are each serving more than 30 years in prison.

   Earlier this month, lawyers for the teen filed a claim against Sacramento County Child Protective Services accusing the agency of ignoring signs of abuse for seven years.

   (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (8)
  1. theresa says:

    he gets free rent and food after torture ? where is the law in that and justice for the victim. he qualifys for the death penalty. not to worry a felon inside will get the job done no doubt. since the law just acts like they are enforceing it.

  2. John Betgeorge says:

    This is where we need laws like irans……torture him right back, on spot, after being found guilty…violent criminals get off way to easy at tax payers expense.

  3. Bill says:

    In some third world countries, if you are sentenced to death, your family has to pay for the bullet. It’s about time we invoke a similar policy. No sense in paying to house a criminal who sacrificed their right to fair treatment.

    Think about it, we are providing rapists and killers with better food and housing than innocent, starving children born into a poverty stricken family… where’s the justice in that?

  4. Ginger Reese says:

    He’s the one who wanted a trail otherwise he could have done 30 years like the rest of them. He got what he wanted. He knew that the boy was there he could’ve told the police bu no he just did what they told him to do to beat that innocet boy. Shame on him.

  5. sactobabe says:

    Does he get to pick his menu for the lovely meals that are going to be brought bedside to him for the rest of his life, whatever! Shamful behavior all the way around, on his and our ends.

  6. tara says:

    The money we spend on taking care these criminals for life could be used to fix our budget problem it could get us out of duet.

  7. Perry Baltzer says:

    THREE life sentences and he could get parole in 19 years?! what kind of justice is THAT????? what a freakin joke

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