SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Yolo County Sheriff’s Department said today it has laid off multiple deputies to help deal with a $2.8 budget deficit.

Ten deputies left in total. Nine were laid off and one took a job at another agency.

The department also put a freeze on promotions for the rest of this fiscal year and next year, and said nobody in the department, except for the sheriff and undersheriff, would be taking home department vehicles.

Open positions will also not be filled. These include captain, lieutenant and three sergeant positions.

More personnel cuts could be coming in July.

Comments (15)
  1. don in west sac says:

    well lets just hope that more CCW liscences will be given — the bad guys in yolo should not be the only ones with protection — we need more help from local government to keep our protectors employed , when the police lose the bad guys WIN

    1. Chris Webber Jr. says:

      hate to say don. they dont really care about tax paying just gotta keep yours in the trunk or on you w/ the clip in your pocket.

  2. e says:

    $2.80 doesn’t seem like a large deficit. Does anyone proofread anymore?

    1. Brian says:

      Proofread? $2.8 not $2.80 dont you proofread! LOL

  3. FU says:

    I have $3, and you can keep the change.

  4. p says:

    Someone needs to make public just how much money Sheriff Prieto takes home. His pay is in the top 10% of California’s county sheriffs! Can Yolo County afford that? Does Yolo County warrant that?

  5. p says:

    Actually I made an error….I think it’s more like the top 15% percent, sorry. Still, that is too much money for the Sheriff of Yolo County to earn.

  6. don in w.sac says:

    really people– you are leaving comments the stupidest stuff— well when ur house gets vandalized or u get mugged and you need a sherriff in unincorporated YOLO you can use ur 2.8 and laugh it off — GOOD LUCK !

  7. p says:

    Stupid? Maybe if he had given up some of his over-compensation he wouldn’t have had to lay off quite as many deputies and the people of Yolo Co. could be better protected.

  8. JR says:

    I find it interesting that the sheriff and undersheriff get to keep their take home cars. People are losing their jobs and taking pay cuts, but management can’t possibly be expected to pay for their own gas to get to meetings. Typical.

    1. p says:

      I can see justification for the sheriff to have a car but if the undersheriff wanted to show the rank & file some support and empathy he’d give his car up.

  9. 1963 says:

    The Sheriff makes about 174K and the Under sheriff is not much less. That is over 100K more then one of his entry level deputies. Also some of the top earners in Yolo are the Chief Probation Officer District Attorneys DA investigators Public Defenders and many many more. Look it up it’s on the County Website

    1. p says:

      It’s over $100k more than deputies who have been there 20+ years let alone “entry level”!

  10. al says:

    hip hip horray its about time the state finally come into reality come on these people are over paid stuffed shirts.

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