Charlie Sheen Wins Guinness Record For Reaching 1M Twitter Followers

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Troubled actor Charlie Sheen is winning all right – he’s reportedly snapped up the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers.”

Guinness officials say that Sheen, who has recently been hospitalized, in rehab and had his twin boys taken away, reached 1 million followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes, according to social media blog Mashable. Sheen also set a Guinness record for “Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode – Current” at $1.25 million a pop.

Sheen joined Twitter March 1 under the handle @charliesheen, acquiring hundreds of thousands of followers within hours. The account is marked as “Verified.”

Since Sheen’s hospitalization following a wild overnight party and short stint in rehab, his show, “Two and a Half Men,” was suspended after he publicly criticized the show’s producer Chuck Lorre in a radio interview. After the show’s suspension, Sheen has been making the media rounds, making odd statements.

  • Ross McBride

    he’s working the media to drive up the price for his services or a book deal. Genius! He’s used the media’s lack of concern for his privacy and used it for his personal gain. Most geniuses are considered mad. LOL!

  • lucasncio

    yeah, real lack of concern on the media’s part for his privacy…..Charlie kept calling radio shows, went on the Today Show, went on Good Morning American, Calbe Shows, and 20/20, all, of course, in an effort to stay private.

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