CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (CBS13) – Friends and family are now speaking out about the arrest of  a man described as the best-friend and ‘person of interest’ in the murder of a nationally known white supremacist leader saying their relationship seemed to have been deteriorating in recent weeks.

untitled 11 Friends Say Relationship Between Murdered Skinhead And Person of Interest Had Been Deteriorating

Police take Charles Demar into custody at gunpoint at about 3:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Police detained 36-year-old Charles Demar, also known as Charles Boots, Wednesday afternoon several hours after David Lynch, 40, was shot and killed in his Citrus Heights home.  Lynch’s 33-year-old girlfriend was wounded in the leg and is expected to survive.

Demar was detained at gunpoint on Wednesday afternoon and has been arrested on drug and gang charges, but not for the murder of Lynch.  He’s being held on $1M bail.

Late Thursday evening, Hazmat crews were at Demar’s apartment removing chemicals believed to be ingredients for a meth lab.

Demar and Lynch were apparently best friends and had worked together at an asbestos removal company until Demar was fired recently.  Representatives with Allied Environmental would not comment about Demar’s dismissal or David Lynch.

‘Person of Interest’ And Murder Victim Were Best Friends

On top of losing his job, Demar’s ex-wife died a few weeks ago from undetermined causes.  CBS13 has learned that not only did Lynch help Demar raise money for his ex-wife’s funeral, Lynch was also helping take care of Demar’s two young children.

However, Kristina Hoerfer, the sister of Lynch’s injured girlfriend tells CBS13 exclusively that their relationship had been deteriorating.

“It seems to have been a crazed-former friend that Dave was pushing out of his life because Dave found this individual to be unhealthy,” said Hoerfer. “I think he just snapped.”

Lynch was a well-known power player in the white supremacy movement and has been active for decades, organizing a number of protests across the country.

Local law enforcement officers have known Lynch for years and say his absence will be a blow to many white supremacy groups.

“He’s probably one of the most well-known, influential figures in the movement,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s Lt. Milo Fitch.

“This is absolutely a significant event… it will send shockwaves.”

Friends and members of various groups said Lynch was capable of bringing together various organizations that were at odds with each other.

“He was the kind of guy who could and did get along with everyone,” said Bill Roper, head of Arkansas-based White Revolution.

Roper said Lynch’s racist activism began in the national skinhead coalition American Front, and he later became leader of the Sacto Skins, one of the oldest skinhead gangs in the country.

It is unlikely the murder was politically motivated, Roper said, but Lynch will likely be lauded as a martyr regardless of the killer’s motive.

Anti-hate groups agreed that Lynch was a powerful figure within his movement. Anti-Defamation League spokesman Dan Sandman said Lynch was a “hardcore hater” who had the ability to unite disparate groups.

“It will be a blow not only to his organization, but also to other organizations who relied on him as a conduit from one group to the next,” Sandman said.

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  1. Willie Black says:


  2. oldfart says:

    Racist are stupid they come in all colors. Try to put yourself in the other guys shoes

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    He liked everybody and had the ability to bring people together when they disagreed. He was a powerhouse in the movement and this will be a davastating blow to their future. A real trailblazer. Sounds like Dr ML King. Oh…yeah…my bad. Now let me be serious, while I am sorry for his death, and I do appreciate your un-biased writing, celebrating someone for being a “hardcore hater” is unbelievable. And who hires people like this to represent their business to their own customers for God’s sake? Can you spell “boycott?” Oh…yeah…my bad.

    1. mo-b says:

      I know right! That is the same feeling I got from this article. It’s like they are
      glorifying this individual. Or maybe the reporter is a member of the skinheads. I don’t know it just struck me as creepy. Yahoo really should consider editing their articles. Most of them are so slanted one way are the other! Is this really what journaliszm is coming to. Sad, really sad…

  4. so what says:

    Looks like history repeating itself… Back in the 80s the same thing. A racist skinhead leader was killed by another over a girl. I wish the news would cover things that mattered to us all…

  5. Lily White says:

    Who cares if a stupid racist is dead? We need less people like him in our society, not more. Please tell me he had no kids.

    1. mc57 says:

      sorry I think he had one child. May-be the child now has a chance. 2011 People please let the Hate die, The World is no longer Black or White!

  6. Ekim Renrut says:

    No great loss

  7. Lori says:

    I love the irony “He was the kind of guy who could and did get along with everyone,” said Bill Roper, head of Arkansas-based White Revolution.” As long as you’re white, pretend to be Christian and do whatever he asks.

  8. Craig Taylor says:

    This animal deserved it. I wish that fat arse sister of his was in the house too.

  9. Kevin says:

    “He was the kind of guy who could and did get along with everyone,” said Bill Roper, head of Arkansas-based White Revolution.

    Evidently not with minorities, though lol

  10. swizzle says:

    i’m glad this guy is dead, one less racist in this world is a good thing

  11. SouthClaw says:

    “Friends and members of various groups said Lynch was capable of bringing together various organizations that were at odds with each other.”

    What would the Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, KKK, and all other “White-Christian” hate groups have to disagree about? How to gun down a person of African-American descent. What color of rope to hang a Jew with.. What lake to drown a homosexual in. Maybe, how to leave somebody in a wheelchair on a railroad track.

    Is this article trying to imply that Mr. Lynch would’ve been optimum ambassador material?

  12. DC says:

    so black-on-black violence and white-on-white violence aren’t so black and white after all….

  13. ally m says:

    Hatred begets hatred. You can’t teach hate without that ish coming back to you. He basically got what he deserved

  14. Living on the Edge... says:

    I love all people….. Every human being on this planet.

    I used to hate because that was how I was brought up. My family was a bunch of racists. They disowned me for living my life the way I had to… I was my own man, and went down another path. I believe the right path…

    There is evil in all of us. It is what you do with it that matters. We also, have good in all of us, and what we do with it matters… For everything, there is an opposite… And opposites do attract….

    Just be careful out there and try to make some right choices in your life. The prisons are pretty full as it is…. And you really don’t want to go down that road…. Do you????

    I am a firm believer in, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”….. And if you like it, do it again…. The last part is a joke… Okay, it’s a dumb joke… But, it’s the only one that fit at the moment…

    People, just enjoy life…. Grow up & find someone to grow old with, someone you love, and trust, and love spending time with. And just live life with that person to the fullest… If you are in a relationship that you hate, then I strongly suggest that you get out of it, as soon as possible…

    You only live once in this life, and you should be happy living it…. Not, sad & hurting & wishing that you were somewhere else….. Just get up right now and get your things together and leave…. Walk out that door and keep walking or driving or however you choose to make your departure…

    And, Good Luck…. Maybe we can BBQ sometime…..

  15. Esortleontine says:

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