Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don tells us about Butters, his new puppy, gets into a “Media War” with the terrible comic he saw over the weekend, and our good friend LaRoy stops by the studio.

Don tells us about their new puppy, Butters, and his Saturday night at the Comedy Club in Galt.

Don plays a video of a drunk guy on the news, and one of the comedians from the Galt show tries to take shots at Don. Don rips him a new one.

Time for another edition of LaRoy’s World Of Gay!

LaRoy’s World Of Gay continued.

Don reads an email from our old buddy Steve Bryant, and plays his new parody song about Charlie Sheen.

Our good friend Tony Lopez from CBS 13 stops by with the top three news stories of the day.

Comments (4)
  1. Carl says:

    Turn that God Damn Sound Board DOWN please.
    Devoted computer listener,Carl in Bakersfield

  2. Brenda says:

    So great to hear you in the pm again, Don. Started listening back in ’95. An added plus to see you in the am, too. Undoubtedly you’ve already mentioned somewhere along the line, but would like to hear how your son is doing. All the very best with your new shows.

  3. Chuck says:

    Why can’t I listen to the online content any more? When I click the audio links, all I get is a pop-up box with this error message:

    Error #2124

    Please help!

  4. Todd Over says:

    I have listened to you since Pittsburgh..25+ years? …..I will continue to do so, as our lives have been eeriely parallel. Best wishes at the new digs. T

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