Call Kurtis: Sirius Trouble

Hit With Overdraft Fees

They got hit with those pricey overdraft fees from their bank. Sirius XM promised to fix the problem, so why didn’t they?

“Their customer service is awesome except that they’re liars,” says Brenda Haywood, Yuba City resident.

Brenda and Larry Haywood signed up for the lifetime plan with Sirius XM Radio in January for $554.

“I enjoy the radio, my wife likes gospel music. I like the comedy stations and stuff like that,” says Larry.

Especially when they’re camping. Brenda says the $554 were supposed to be divided up into five installments.

But in early February, the full amount was charged to her debit card, overdrawing their account.

“Oh my God, oh my God, what’s going on?” asked Brenda.

Brenda called Sirius XM right away. “I said I can’t afford that, we’re on a fixed income,” says Brenda.

She then got hit with two overdraft charges of $28 each. We know a new law went into effect last summer, requiring you to opt in if you want overdraft protection from the bank.

If you don’t opt in and don’t have the money, the charge gets rejected. But Brenda did opt in, feeling more comfortable with overdraft protection.

She called Sirius XM which said it could take seven to 10 days to process a refund.   After 11 days…

It was no laughing matter, with more bills needing to be paid.

“Just really stressful,” says Brenda.

We contacted Sirius XM. Within hours, the company called Brenda apologizing. They refunded her the full $553.99 plus her overdraft fees.

They’ve worked out a new payment plan.

“Relief and I wish it hadn’t gone this far,” says Brenda.

Despite three emails and three calls, Sirius XM still hasn’t explained to us what went wrong here. Those overdraft fees are expensive and that’s why Congress and consumer advocates put pressure on banks to require you to opt in for the coverage.

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