NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies were forced to tackle a naked suspect after a taser failed to take the man down.

Authorities got a call that a man was wandering around a North Highlands neighborhood naked.

Deputies say when they found the man he appeared to be on some sort of drug.

He wouldn’t listen to deputies trying to take him into custody so they tried to use a taser…several times.  But it didn’t work.

A group of deputies finally tackled and subdued the man.

He was taken to a hospital to be checked out.

Comments (10)
  1. conserver1 says:

    He wouldn’t listen so they tazered him? What a buzz killer!

  2. Mike Hawk says:

    i’m sure we could all take a guess which color that man was

    1. aaron says:

      yea let me guess white guy right?

      1. Mike Hawk says:

        i was thinking more of a darker shade

    2. Retired old Guy says:

      It only matters what color he is if you are racisst and those sort of things arounse you.

  3. Tax Payer says:

    Who cares what color he is! He’s a drugged out whack job. Thankfully he was stopped before the creep got too close to children. Being on drugs like that the fool could have done anything and then said “I don’t remember anything!” and gotten off the hook because of the schister lawyers out there.

  4. theresa says:

    no bean bags ?

    1. Big Daddo says:

      No bean bags? Was it a chick?

  5. Big Daddo says:

    Where in North Highlands was this, I just got new neighbors, I’m wondering.

  6. Rafael says:

    Viagra and methamphetamine is a bad combination. It leads to naked aggression.

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