Grant does today’s show from Power Balance Pavilion before tonight’s match up Kings vs. Magic. To kick off the show, Grant takes questions from callers until one caller asks a stupid question then Grant proceeds to rip him a new one. Next, Charles Davis from the NFL Network and Fox comes on to get us caught up on the latest NFL headlines and Charles gives his thoughts on Ohio St. coach Jim Tressel’s suspension.

In the second hour we hear Grants Rant on Jim Tressel, plus Grant gives us a BONUS round when he rants on some one from the text line who apparently had their facts wrong. The phone calls continue until Grant gets a surprise court side visit from El Dorado Hills native Ryan Anderson who plays for the Magic.

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  1. Patrice says:

    Grant loves to find a caller, emailer, or texter to rip. That is why he is so disliked by listeners of the afternoon show.

    Right now Grant is very upset at Sacramento for not building a stadium for him and the Kings. The Kings will be going to Anaheim, and they will offer to take Grant with them. Good Riddence

  2. Jasmine says:

    Grant has every right to be upset. After all, the city at Sacramento is largely to blame for the King’s demise. Grant simply tells it like it is, and when idiotic people call up, he simply does not have the patience to deal with them. Actually, that’s what makes his show so entertaining! lol 😉 Well, it’s almost time to welcome the Kings (and probably Grant Napear) to the OC. Sacramento has FAILED, especially ex-mayor Heather Fargo. Wow, how does she lay her head down and sleep at night after this fiasco?

    Grant (if you’re reading this message) you’ll love it here in Orange County..the weather is absolutely PERFECT. I’m just sad Sacramento has to lose their only professional franchise.

  3. Eustice says:

    Grant was hawking efforts for kids with cancer during his game broadcast last night. Seems pretty strange for him to do that. It must be a Maloof thing. Grant once had his lawyers threaten a lawsuit over the sale of the Peaches T shirts, when the proceeds was going to help kids with cancer.

    Grant couldn’t take the joke, I suppose. Or he didn’t like the nickname Peaches being laid on him.

    I think the Kings failed to get an arena mostly because the Maloofs were demanding full control, very little up front investment, and they didn’t want to share any of the revenue, even the parking on the plans under consideration.

  4. Sluggo says:

    The city of Sacramento just doesn’t have the financing to put together an arena deal as it was being laid out. If county money could be found, perhaps.

  5. al says:

    Grant owns part of ARCO Arena with the Maloofs. He also does not want to lose this job. They will not hire him in Orange County

  6. Sluggo says:

    Grant is an egotistical opinionated bore. When the Kings leave, he better hope he gets taken by the team because KHTK will drop him like the rock. Sactown Royalty will probably offer him a PR job, but only if he agrees to go by the nickname Peaches.

  7. Olivia says:

    I would prefer the segment of his show be called Grant’s Grunts.

  8. Olivia says:

    Or PEACHES Pundits

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