SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — An eleventh-grade student from Windsor High School survived a plunge off San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday, school officials told CBS.

The 16-year-old was participating in a humanities class field trip and was crossing the bridge when he jumped off the lower end of it and into San Francisco Bay, said Windsor Unified School District Superintendent Bill McDermott.

Miraculously, the boy survived the fall and was rescued by a nearby surfer who paddled over to him, McDermott said.

The boy was being evaluated for injuries at a San Francisco hospital, but neither school or fire officials could provide further details on his condition.

McDermott said he didn’t think the boy was trying to committ suicide, but said it was possible he jumped as a result of a dare by fellow classmates; authorities were still investigating what led up to the incident.

The Marin County Coroner’s Office and the Golden Gate Bridge District indicated that up to 1,500 people have died jumping off the bridge since it opened in 1937. Last year, 32 people were killed in bridge jumps.

Authorities estimate someone jumps off the Golden Gate on average of once every two weeks; 98% of those plunges end up being fatal and most of those deaths are ruled suicides.

A recent study found more students hurl themselves off the bridge than any other demographic group.

McDermott said this is the first time an incident of this magnitude has ever occured on a school field trip in the Windsor district.

The teen is reportedly on his school’s honor roll.

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Comments (17)
  1. Bobby Capps says:

    If So and So told you to jump off the Golden Gate Would you? <<The most famous parenting conversational line ever thought up.

    1. blah says:

      Only crazy people would do that…

  2. Filip Knedlik says:

    Stupidity has just reached new heights!

      1. Chris says:

        Ignore this one…

    1. Chris says:

      No pun intended?

  3. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Where the hell is Darwin in all of this?

  4. gary says:

    stupid is as stupid does … Forrest Gump

  5. weschuck says:

    As he jumped he yelled,”Don Geronimoooooooooo….”

    1. lorenz says:

      good one! that’s the best one i’ve heard…

  6. philip flores says:

    damn his parents must be proud

  7. Amanda says:

    for someone that’s on the honor roll he is pretty dumb!

    1. blah says:

      I agree, just been a honor roll for nothing not smart enough

  8. joe black says:

    The other ones must be dumber in this school. Lol

  9. Ash says:

    Wow, this is no laughing matter. I can’t believe he would be that stupid to risk his life! I went to a Pick Up The Phone tour and before the benefits concert, there was an event the same day where they spoke about trying to get a net or some barrier on the bridge to stop this from happening. I am saddened to see this, we need to do something.

  10. Derek says:

    Sounds like a future SEAL

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