(CBS) Bieber fever has taken over Liverpool, England.

That’s where teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is currently holed up in a hotel room, while thousands of fans surround the building outside.

TMZ reports that cops have told the 17-year-old and his entourage that the throng could turn into a “possible riot situation.” They warned that if Bieber or his team go anywhere near the balcony, they will be arrested for inciting a riot.

According to the report, Bieber and his team have been cooperating with police orders.

“THIS IS CRAZY” the singer tweeted of the fan frenzy.

Twenty-five guards have taken up position outside to handle the masses of people, which reportedly number up to 500. TMZ also reports that surrounding roads have been shut down.

Sources told the website that Bieber was supposed to take a historic Beatles tour around Liverpool today, but had to cancel his plans because of the chaos.

Comments (4)
  1. KittyBacon says:

    “thousands” is a lot different than 500…heard of proof readers?

  2. Doug McVey says:

    I can not believe this qualifies as news.

    1. Bird says:

      I agree. Waste of web page.

  3. Not a Belieber says:

    500=Thousands. I thought I had a handle on my math skills.. (?).

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