SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  Sacramento is taking the first step in courting new Kings before the “Maloof Kings” officially announce an exit. Mayor Kevin Johnson is engineering a plan to hold onto the “Sacramento Kings” at least even without a team.

“The focus has changed, this isn’t about the Kings or the Maloofs anymore,” says Mayor Johnson.

Still sporting Kings colors, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has no hoop dreams; he’s expecting the Maloofs to move.

But, Thursday he vowed to try and save the Kings name, even if the owners take the team to Anaheim.

“What we will do is we will ask our City Attorney to look into this to see if we have any ability to keep the name of the Kings,” said Johnson.

The mayor is now borrowing a page from the city of Seattle script, which also lost an NBA franchise to another city, but retained the legal rights to the ‘Supersonics’.

“That’s what Seattle did; they fought like crazy to keep their name, the colors, the history and the prestige that went with their franchise,” says Mayor Johnson.

Kevin Johnson used his regularly scheduled public office hours inside a local middle school auditorium to talk about basketball and publicly financing an arena post Maloofs.

The mayor is aware Sacramentans voted down public financing in 2006, because of a perception the money would be going into already rich owner’s pockets.

“And now that they may not be in the equation, and that we’re doing it for Sacramento, what we need to do to be a quality top notch city, they’re more inclined to be open to it,” explained Johnson.

But business owners and Sacramento residents who attended the meeting didn’t see that as a top notch priority.

“I represent Valley Yellow Pages and we support and help small businesses,” said Andre Kristich.

But the Mayor is trying to stir new debate about publicly financing an arena, and with the Maloofs seemingly now out of the picture,  voters may be more inclined to help build.

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  1. tim says:

    the maloof’s have shown their disdain the sacramento over and over again, from the beginning when initial discussions began years ago about a new arena. they wanted all the proceeds not only from the arena itself, but in the surrounding area. they didnt want to share in the expenses, expecting the city to pay for everything. besides, I strongly feel that really wanted to move to Vegas before the housing crisis. let them go, keep the name, but make sure they pay back the loan in its entirety. don’t go to any more games. do give them any more of our hard earned money.

  2. Nancy says:

    I hate them. They are dead to me.

  3. KJ says:

    Joe and Gavin,

    I knew all along, you husky, simple, nice guy routine was a joke. Just two gangsters who will do anything for a buck. FU.

  4. Lisa says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about the Sacramento Kings!!! Too bad though about the jobs that will be lost but the Kjngs owners don’t care about that….

  5. Dan Rakow says:


  6. CalDude says:

    Here are a few facts the Maloofs should consider while formulating their future plans.

    1.) If they think they’re having difficulty procuring public funds here in the Sac, wait till all of the merchandise gets off the U-Haul. Orange County, California is one of the most fiscally conservative regions in the USA, if not the entire world.

    2.) Should the Kings decide to make the LA Metroplex their new home, they’ll be forced to pay two (2) territorial infringement fees (Lakers and Clippers).

    3.) As for keeping our history— this team has played regular-season home games in 5 cities over the span of over half a century. During that span they’ve won only one World Championship. Giving away this franchise’s legacy would seem to be like getting rid of the neighbor that keeps you awake all night.

    4. ) With the Dodgers, Lakers, Angels, USC, UCLA, etc. — they won’t even come close to the sports monopoly they have here in Sacramento.

    If we do lose the Kings, we should either push to get an expansion team, or bring in an obscure existing team, such as: the Clippers, Bucks, Cavaliers, Wizards, Timberwolves, etc. After that, get a new nickname, colors, better media coverage, and most importantly, LOCAL OWNERSHIP.

  7. ugottabejoking says:

    The maloofs own the building and the land in natomas. They won’t get 8-10 million/game on parking if they move to Ana heim. They will also be renters. The maloofs may get crushed if they move and then don’t have a winning team. At least in Sac they have some cushion when they don’t fill the arena.

    With that said, The NBA commish didn’t help by backing a plan that had no chance in hell. (move to expo)

    I hope kings can’t get the move done. and KJ pulls a rabbit out of the hat and builds an arena.

    I know. I’m a dreamer.

  8. Eightcats Home says:

    Go look at to see typical outcomes of feckless public money sponsored sports emporiums.

  9. Eightcats Home says:

    This post is to alert readers that rational argumnets against feckless public spending on expensive sports follies will mot be allowed.

  10. Eightcats Home says:

    Hah! Gottcha!

  11. theresa says:

    google the candice newmaker law.

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