Grant broadcasted from San Antonio today, arriving early for tomorrow night’s Kings/Spurs matchup. He opened the show by comparing the downtown areas of Sacramento and San Antonio – the point being that San Antonio is a smaller market than California’s capitol city and has still managed to create a tourist destination.

Grant then began taking calls, and was fortunate enough to line up an All-Star cast of “Grant’s Worst Callers”, thanks to a 5 o’clock replay of last Friday’s rant about obese airline patrons. Surprisingly, we found that Grant is predisposed to disagreement with callers whose names start with “B”.

The show finally returned to civilization in the 6 o’clock hour, starting with Mychael Urban of Comcast Sportsnet. Urban previewed the San Francisco Giants and gave some brief thoughts on the Oakland A’s. Former Spur Sean Elliot closed out the show by looking ahead to tomorrow night’s Kings/Spurs game.

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  1. Sluggo says:

    Grant has become even testier with callers now because he basically hates Sacramento now. He takes it out on the callers. If he wants to find a job in Sacramento he needs to soften his delivery. If the Kings don’t take him with them to Anaheim he must change his image or join the ranks of the unemployed.

    An image boost for him would be to embrace the nickname PEACHES he disdained, wear one of the t shirts, and allow the commercial sale of the shirts with the proceeds going to charity.

    1. D Peters says:

      Grant is a whining lttle child. I feel sorry for his kids learning how to deal with disappointment from their whining infantile father. Hey Grant, we get it. It’s you that has a problem getting over it. Accept what the majority has voted over and over. Sacramento was never going to compete with the attraction of Southern CA; and had an arena been constructed over and opposed to the popular vote, the Kings would still be leaving. Please move on or turn your show over to someone who will actually talk sports and not simply berate Sacramento whining about how we don’t get it. Each day I tune in until the banter starts again, and then I switch over to KNBR. I think we’ve made it clear and you don’t get it. We are done with the Kings and NBA. I’d been a season ticket holder for many years before getting totally fed up with the whole product…the game, the players , the league. Everything about the NBA (or the Lebron, Wade, and Kobe show) is wrong right now. So see ‘ya!

  2. Foghorn says:

    Does anyone know where Grant got the nickname Peaches? I heard he was in high school and it was because of his ruddy complexion and someone coined it because his cheeks looked like peaches.

  3. Positive Dave says:

    Peaches is his nickname from his days of la crosse at Bowling Green. Peaches described his play.

  4. Lamar says:

    I just had to write this email to express my thoughts on the arena issue and a possible start to a solution. Most people that live in the Valley are very much in favor of having a quality entertainment arena as well as a professional sports franchise in the region. The question is how can we the average person and business owner contribute in keeping the dream alive. We all know that taxes will not work so here are my thoughts.
    • Try to convince the Kings owners and the NBA to wait 1 more year before making a decision to move the Kings.

    • It is quite obvious that the City cannot do this arena deal on their own therefore the people should establish the concept of building a regional Sports and Entertainment complex call the Sacramento Valley Regional Sports and Entertainment Center that would belong to the people within the region. In addition have the Kings owner and the NBA agree to rename the Sacramento Kings to the Sacramento Valley Kings. What can we do?

    • Set up a voluntary program for all Sacramento Valley Sports and Entertainment businesses where they would be willing to add a $1.00 mandatory contribution charge to help finance the Sacramento Valley Regional Sports and Entertainment Arena for all merchandize sold in their business costing over $10.00 (just a starting point). Patrons would have the option to contribute more if they wish to do so and each participating business must agree to stay in the program for one year but can opt out by sending a written request stating that the program is having an adverse affect on their business to the program administrator (KHTK).

    • Businesses and the communities should be told that this is not a tax but a community pride donation effort and no Sacramento Valley business would be turned down if they are willing to participate.

    • Businesses would be sent a monthly window sticker from the program sponsor (KHTK) to place in their business display window stating the total amount of contributions donated by their patrons.

    • KHTK would have to be the voice or flagship driving this grass-root effort from Mt. Shasta to Merced and help keep constantly the movement in the eyes of the public.

    • If the program is successful the program could possibly be extended for multiple years or until long term financing is available and full ownership of the complex is in the hands of the people.

    • The program should have no government involvement and strictly be under the control of KHTK and a staff of volunteers.

    • If the program is not successful after the trial year then all contributed funs should be donated to the US Red Cross.

    The key here is that the effort is not a City of Sacramento effort but a voluntary attempt for the entire Sacramento Valley communities to take matters into their own hands thus establishing a sense of ownership and pride for everyone participating. I would deeply appreciate your comments and would take them on the air. I get off from work at 5:30PM.
    Thank you
    Lamar H Jr.

  5. Tooloose says:

    Is Grant popular here? I just got transferred to this area. I cannot believe the guy on the radio. His Kings commentary is okay, but then they show him and he looks just like Howdy Doody. We’ve got a freaking clown in charge of sports in this town. No wonder the Kings are leaving for Anaheim.

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