SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A seven story building in downtown Sacramento has been evacuated due to a hazardous materials situation, according to authorities.

At least five people in the building at 1616 Capitol Avenue complained of breathing problems and one was taken to the hospital.

Officials say the incident began on the seventh floor of the building however authorities evacuated the entire building as a precaution.

Crews are working to determine the cause of the incident.

Comments (8)
  1. State Worker says:

    Send us home already.

  2. Real State Worker says:

    Do your job and work!!

  3. State Taxpayer says:

    Suck it up you lazy parasites and get back to work.

    1. TGolden says:

      Ummm… and you have time to leave your witicisms on an internet site because you are such a dedicated worker?

    2. sharter says:

      My sentiments exactly!

  4. Spike Murdock says:

    Sharter and TGolden are smarter than the rest of us because they can identify a state worker without any REAL evidence.

    Of course, they could be un-employed losers sitting at home on their behinds playing on the computer while drinking Pepsi and eating donuts and peanut M&Ms…

    1. Hommer says:

      Mmmm. doughnuts

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