SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13/AP) – Assembly Speaker John Perez and Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg have both called for a vote on Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal tomorrow afternoon.

“I have informed the members of the Assembly Democratic Caucus that we will proceed with a vote on the Governor’s budget proposal tomorrow at 1 p.m. This is an honest and balanced package that will give the people of California the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to extend the current tax rates in an effort to finally bring our finances under control,” said Assembly Speaker Perez.

Senate President pro Tem Steinberg released a similar statement.

“As approved by the budget conference committee,the Governor’s proposed budget is the only plan on the table that responsibly and honestly promises to put California’s fiscal crisis behind us once and for all. It’s also a plan that allows Californians to vote on the future of our state. There is no time to waste. Let’s vote,” said Steinberg.

Brown wants to close California’s $26.6 billion deficit by cutting $12.5 billion in spending and extending temporary increases in the sales, personal income and vehicle taxes for five years. He has asked the Legislature to call a special election in June to allow voters to decide the tax question.

 Both chambers are on call Tuesday and Wednesday, even though no Republican lawmakers have publicly signed on to the governor’s plan.

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  1. theresa says:

    staying down for brown …cheers to brown…

  2. jc says:

    …one has to wonder why the Republicans dont want the voters to decide on these issues.

    1. herpe says:

      Jc one has to wonder why you wonder

  3. TJ says:

    I have a problem with not fixing the problems we have. This state always goes for taxes first. Blame the rich and so forth. But, we have not fixed the problems. For instance schools. Schools take almost half the general fund. What are they doing with that? More money has done nothing to improve the test scores. More money has doing nothing to help student’s graduate. Now I send my children to a private school and I am not wealthy, we just don’t do other things. No long vacations, no new cars etc and so forth. But, my child who is in Kindergarten get’s 6.5 hours of academics per day and I get after school childcare. I would have had to pay 150 per week just for childcare… $40 more per week, look at what I get – so much more!! The school does not nickel and dime the parent’s. For 12 months – yeah they have a summer program we spend 1K less than what it cots for 9 months of public school. What is the problem??? We need to look at that. We need to restructure before they ask the tax payers for more. It is just that simple.

    1. Curtis H says:

      BRAVO! I could not agree with you more.
      The system is broken and education is at its lowest ever – and so spending more is stupid.
      Thank you for commenting.

    2. dunphy says:

      to begin with you’re misinformed. public education isn’t asking for an increase in funding, it’s asking for the state to provide the same funding they did last year. They’ve already cut nearly 2 billion over the past 4 years.
      also, public schools cannot require funding from parents, so as far as “nickel and diming parents”, i’m not sure what you’re referring to, public schools shouldn’t be doing that in the first place.
      we all understand that taxes are costly. and in a perfect world, five years is a bit in the extreme, but the cut in funding may lead to worse consequences.

      1. tj says:

        Nickel and diming the parent’s at private schools. The tuition is set. That pays for salaries, keeping the lights, supplies and books and so forth. They have a budget and that is it.

  4. Stacy says:

    I am a teacher and while I believe our state is lacking in public education, I don’t believe stuffing 30 kindergarteners in a classroom will help our test scores. Did you know that California has some of the most difficult standards in the country? Teachers are being forced to “teach to the test” which doesn’t “teach” the kids how to apply what they learn. Parents seem less involved because they are being forced to work more to support their family. I don’t have the answer, but let’s not blame the schools. You have to invest to receive any payback.

  5. Codee14 says:

    Jerry Brown,

    CalPers Board members of the nation’s largest public pension fund on Tuesday rejected a proposal to reduce its forecast of future investment returns, avoiding the politically sensitive move of demanding more money from state or local governments this year.

    No one in their right mind will vote for another tax increase while the State workers get a ton of benefits. Unions must be down sized to fit the tax payer’s budget and not line their own pockets on us. Let’s see 5 more years of higher taxes…HHMMM then what another 5 more years… Quit “Kicking the can down the road”

    Ever hear of Scott Walker??? Fix the problem today and not leave it for my kids. Or we will have a special election for another governor like we did with Gray Davis…

  6. tj says:

    @ stacey… I agree with most of that. parent’s are not involved, but regardless of hours, parent’s have a responsibility to thei children. what is never addressed is what is being spend and that it goes into some place. it is not accounted for. all that is ever asked is that they need more and more, which is not working. just a thought, get rid of tenure…

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