Grant opens the show today addressing the news about the Maloofs Trademark of the “Anaheim Royals”. Also Grant talks about, what else, College Basketball and takes calls about certain teams. Guest Greg Anthony from CBS comes on to give his input of the tournament.

Grant goes into his thoughts on the Kings and exciting play of Marcus Thornton. Coach Paul Westphal talks with Grant from the floor and adds to the Kings preview and recap of recent play. Also Grant goes back into the conversation of the Trademark with guest Scott Howard Cooper from and takes calls on the Kings’ future

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  1. Sluggo says:

    What a tough time for the big redhead. He has been a fixture here for the duration. The early years were pretty good. The excitement of having a team was just great. Then the Webber/Divac/Williams year the good times came. Lately the Maloofs don’t seem willing to bring the best possible team to play. So I think it is time for them to move along to Socal. They have pretty much burned their bridges here, at any rate.

    Hey Grant,
    I know you must be really struggling now. Good luck to you buddy. I hope you like LA

  2. Jee says:

    Hey Grant,
    The reason why they gave Demarcus the ball at the end of the game was because he got into a fist fight with Donte after the Thunder game. Tell Demarcus that its not all about him its about the team. Once he went into the lane, he could have pass the ball to Marcus Thornton. Marcus was wide open because his man went to help. Marcust Thornton would have a good look and a good chance to make that shoe

  3. Slobodon says:

    He Grant,
    Could you discuss the origin of your nickname, PEACHES?

  4. Slobodon says:

    Rumors were squashed today that Geoff Petrie was going to get dumped by Doof and Goof. They were quoted as solidly behind their GM.

    No similar vote of confidence was extended to you Grant. What will you do if the Kings go? Do you want to go along, or would you prefer to do the afternoon show on KHTK?

  5. Thomas says:

    Mayor says the slow death is almost over. Are you going to go with them Grant?

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