SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — High winds and heavy rains could make for a troublesome combination for the first day of spring, according to experts.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys due to the strong storm system that is expected to soak Northern California through Sunday.

Areas around Solano County could see two to three inches of rainfall by Sunday evening, and many other areas through the valley and up into the Sierra foothills could see one to three inches of rain.

Officials said they will keep a close eye on river levels in the area but do not expect widespread, dangerous flooding. Some smaller creeks and waterways in low-lying areas could become a problem overnight into early Sunday morning.

Current Conditions
Sacramento River Levels
Current SMUD Outages
Current PG&E Outages

A high wind warning has also been put into effect until Sunday morning. Wind gusts topping 60 MPH with sustained winds from 25-40 MPH are expected to develop overnight.

The saturated ground may increase the chances of trees toppling over, and power outages may take place.

Comments (17)
  1. Kevin Johnson says:

    Come July it will be Hot and we will wish for cool weather like tonight and Sunday

    1. Time says:

      In the last 40 years living in Sac, I can’t ever recalling in July thinking I would like a monsoon instead of 90* of heat.

    2. BeachBoy says:

      No we won’t, I hate the rain, snow, cold. I’ll take bbq beach weather any day.

  2. Danica says:

    Cool weather yes, but I will NOT be wishing for wind. I hate wind!

    1. mike ericks says:

      i also hate that damm gusty wind ohh my hair

  3. darrel says:

    hello alin schezen how r u

  4. Avonlea Montague says:

    I guess it’s a party of one for me… I LOVE this kind of weather! It’s far more exciting than a sunny day and I love the sounds and wind.

    1. Lisa says:

      I love this weather too. I am a winter girl…so party of two!

  5. ann says:

    Hate the wind, rain is ok, sun is better. Oh no, I think the wind is too strong on my newly planted trees…..

  6. ann says:

    I used to lived in Sac. I remember I used to be a fan of the Kings when Webber was on the team.

  7. Cindy says:

    Make the party three….I’m a winter child and love rain, fog, wind, clouds, etc….

  8. scott macintosh says:

    Its cool I just hate cleaning up my backyard the day after i have crushed cans everywhere

  9. alma lund says:

    i love this kind of spring as long as there is no harm done i love the sound of the wind of course i was raised on the planes of TEXAS where we get the wind all year around

  10. Eric says:

    Well… Let’s have a menage ‘a sanc girls!! That’s four in French, like trois.. let’s have a winter fest and make our own fires and laugh at the howling wind covering up our sounds of glee!!! 🙂 Ha ha!!!

  11. Eric says:

    oops.. I mean menage ‘a quatre..

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