SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Recently released documents from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. reveal what could be another construction problem along the transmission line running beneath a San Francisco suburb where a deadly natural gas explosion occurred.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that documents and interview transcripts released this month by the National Transportation Safety Board show PG&E inspectors found an apparently flawed seam weld located just a few hundred feet away from the San Bruno blast site.

NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson says investigators have not yet examined the weld.

PG&E has publicly identified other flaws in the 1956-era pipe, but not the potential problem uncovered in the inspection performed several weeks after the Sept. 9 explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes.

PG&E spokesman Joe Molica says the utility has not reached a determination about the seam weld’s quality.

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  1. Katie says:

    PG&E is the worst utility company in the history of the world. They are liars, cheaters and should be thrown to the wolves. I can’t wait for the day there is a huge class action lawsuit against them for anything and everything they’ve done to hurt the customers who are forced to have service with them. (Go Erin Brockavich!) I spoke with a customer service supervisor last week to discuss my ongoing problem with them about the fact that they debited my checking account $390. over my bill amount in early February, and she informed me that if I am so unhappy with the customer service, I have other choices for electric service since they were deregulated a few years ago. (She also was the third rep to PROMISE me my checking account would be credited the overpayment on that same day. Another lie; of course it didn’t happen.) Someone please tell me what alternative electric service I can get in Auburn! And NEVER authorize auto-payments with PG&E. Not only are they unapologetic about the double debit, they are rude and will not refund my money, though they continually promise to do so. My account shows a credit, of course, but they just lie and lie promising a refund when I now realize it’s just a strategy to wait until my credit is all used up so they can say “you don’t need a refund any longer.” I hate them, passionately.

    1. Bird says:

      You should call Kurtis!!

  2. Jebesus says:

    ANY of the California Utility Companies that supported the energy deregulation of 2000 should be abolished and turned into municipal utilities.

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