SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown is “checking in” with the people of California over YouTube.

   The Democratic governor has uploaded his first YouTube video, calling on lawmakers to let voters decide how to deal with the state’s $26.6 billion budget shortfall.

   Brown says the Legislature has solved only half the problems after making billions of dollars in cuts. He says the Legislature should now let the people decide whether to extend temporary taxes enacted two years ago or cut deeper into universities, education, health care, and police and fire services.

   The governor urged people to tell lawmakers they would like the chance to cast a vote.

   So far, no Republicans have supported Brown’s plan. But the governor is negotiating with five senators who are seeking pension reform, a spending cap and regulatory cuts.

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  1. RiceDog says:

    How about cutting into the outrageous Jerry Brown created State Employee Union Benefits? I don’t seem to see that on your option list.

  2. Mike Klock says:

    Having worked for 30 years in a union covered occupation & paying for my own retirement through my own earnings I don’t feel I should have to pay for others retirement. Mr. Brown you started this mess making yourself popular for re-election with the largest union in Ca. & thinking you will never have to pay for this. Too bad. Like the old saying “You & the state legislatures have made your bed now you get to lay in it”. Quit making cuts that hurts the populace the most and getting nowhere. Start making them on all of yours & the legislature’s pet projects. It seems to me you’re trying to scare the people into believing that these cuts are the only way and there is no fat in our State Gov.
    Get rid of the soft money contributions & programs like “why crabs walk sideways and lobsters walk striate”. You’re making cuts that can easily be refunded when the economy gets better. Don’t make cuts eliminate these silly programs. Your trying to bide time instead of curing the problem.
    Get to work now.

  3. us and them says:

    I am not willing to pay higher taxes ,All of state legislatures and members ,millionaires and billionaires you had 25+more years of fun, We have 26.6 Billion shot fall because,none of you have been doing your jobs or paying your fair share of taxes ,it has not been for the people by the people(only for more taxes) it has been ,and for a long time for the millionaires, billionaires, state legislatures and members to do as they please, and to make sure they take in more then pay out ,No more you all can pay the 26.6 Billion .

  4. Mike Klock says:

    Oh Mr. Brown I forgot to add I am a stanch Democrat. I am 63 years old, have voted in every election since I was 21, even in Viet Nam. Voting against you for a Republican was the first time I have ever broke ranks. Now I am in the mind frame of voting for whomever is looking out for us.

  5. allen says:

    I think that , as a show of good faith, that the administrators and lawmakers cut their own salaries by the same percentage they want to cut ours, it would be a start..follow roger goodall’s example

  6. theresa says:

    cheers to brown…no more voteing for actors would be a good start .

  7. Billy Salsbury says:

    I still do not understand why people are still against the tax extension. We already pay this and we do not see that money anyway so what is the harm in using this money to pay off the gap. I myself would gladly give back my tax refund if it will give my family a better education, and cut response time for police, fire, and other emergency services. People get on here and yell about the $100 or so dollars that they are not getting now and state that the goverment just keeps raising taxes… NO THEY ARE NOT… People yell that insted we should make deeper cuts, well great tell everyone where to start. Hope it is not a program you or your family uses because it will probably be gone without the extension. I have said this before and I will say it again. Those who sit and complain all day about this need to put that energy into coming up with a solution. Fact is you do not have any and just want to yell about something that you are going to pay for one way or another.

  8. Mike Klock says:

    It isn’t the tax extensions it is government responsibility in spending. Give them what they want & they want more. Even when the State Government was rolling in money during the dot com business explosion they didn’t balance the budget. I don’t run my budget that way & neither should they. They act like the grasshopper in the story about the “Ants & the Grasshopper”.

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