CERES, Calif. (CBS13) — Detectives arrested a mother for allegedly orchestrating a fight between two teen boys, including her son, in her front yard and then posting the video online.

The Ceres Police Department said Jennifer Zuniga, 33, can be heard encouraging her son while the two boys throw punches and grapple in the front yard of a Ceres home. A number of bystanders, including several juveniles, can also be seen observing the fight.

When the boys wrestled each other to a standstill on the ground, bystanders separated the two and encouraged them to begin fighting again.

dscn0010 Police: Mom Goaded Teens Into Fight, Posted Video Online

Jennifer Zuniga

A detective contacted a school resource officer to determine the identity of the fight participants, which quickly led police to the scene of the brawl.

Investigators said the video shows the intervention of a Good Samaritan, who apparently put a stop to the fight before anyone was seriously injured.

Zuniga was arrested and charged with child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Anyone who witnessed the fight is asked to contact Detective Darren Venn at (209) 538-5616 or the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at 1 (866) 60-CRIME.

Comments (64)
  1. realist says:

    Idiot woman.
    All I can do is shake my head at the stupidity. You’re 33 years old, and your son is probably 15 or 16. GROW UP. You’re 33 years old and instigating a fight between your son and an enemy of his.
    Some people just should NOT HAVE KIDS.

  2. Common Sense says:

    This is what happens when teen moms grow up. They become physically older, just not mentally. She’ll always be the dumba$$ that got knocked up at 15 or so because she didn’t know what birth control was. I’m not bashing ALL teen moms, just the stupid ones.

    1. momOf3 says:

      I am a teen mom, I had my daughter at 16. I will be graduating from UC Davis this June. Just because I got pregnant at such a young age does not mean that I am dumb or irresponsible. I don’t think teen mom has anything to do with it. This is just a dumb mom, it happens at all age. Stupid is not age discriminate.

      1. sue says:

        He DID say NOT ALL TEEN MOMS, please finish reading before you get angry. I am proud of your accomplishments though. You’ll be fine, a great mom. Even adults way older than you can be stupid, as you say stupidity has NO age discrimination.

      2. Sue says:

        He did not state ALL TEEN MOMS, just the stupid ones, so this does NOT include you. Be proud of your accomplishments, your ddaughter sure is, trust me.

      3. sue says:

        sorry for the duplicate, it didn’t post at first!!

      4. Alicia M. Ramirez says:

        did you not read common sense right??? he said not all teen moms…..stay in scholl honey…may I suggest a reading class???

      5. Jamie C says:

        Hey Alicia M Ramirez, maybe you should take a spelling class too.

        Rude people, totally unecessary…..sigh

      6. Alicia M. Ramirez says:

        oops….school…thanks and my comment was not rude….she not read the comment right and took offense

      7. Alicia M. Ramirez says:

        Regardless though Jaime…lets not stray from the story here which is this idiot woman who probably needs to learn how to raise her kids to do the right thing….

      8. momOf3 says:

        I did read the comment all the way through. Thank you everyone for jumping to conclusions though. I just felt the need to stick up for the teen moms who are not idiots, since as we have seen it is easy for everyone to assume things. And I am not mad, just wanted my voice to be heard.

  3. ARichMexican says:

    BobbyBorderPatrol, you are truly an IDIOT!!! What about all the White people tweaking in the central valley commiting crimes left and right?? Should we exterminate them also??

    1. WhoTheHell says:

      Your soo funny you are only an legal american just because you were born here. Now now.. Behave because in all of the history books which you should have already known that your ancestors habitated on the land. And your white so you dont have a real say whoes stay or go. Lol if I offended you in some ways you can try to send me back to where ever I come from. Because ill be glad to send you back.

      1. JSS says:


      2. JSS says:


    2. JB says:

      exterminate tweakers regardless of race? yes please

    3. james says:

      Exterminate? Who’s the roach here?

  4. Gloria Guerra says:

    Remember, California was purchased with Hispanics in it. We’ve been here longer and got here first. LOL.

    1. Lilith says:

      Ummmm, well….what about the trailer trash madly breeding little dueling banjo looking kids all the while on welfare, “Hell why look for a job, the gov’ment will take care of us”…yeeehaaawww..

      1. WhoTheHell says:

        For one thing im asian. I wasnt brought up like that. My mom work her whole like and is a parelegal. My dad whoes also asian works for L.K.Q. And im a married mother whobis currently on my first year as a resident at U.C DAVIS HOSPITAL. so dont give that b.s of being on welfare. So do me a favor why dont you ho apply for welfare get shot in a drug bust and ill stitch you up and send you home as an out patient.

      2. Bob says:

        In order to be a student at UC Davis do you have to know how to spell or use proper punctuation? Based on your post my assumption is “no”.

      3. Anne says:

        I seriously doubt you do what you say you do. For one thing, someone in the medical profession – and are you claiming to be a medical resident?????? – would say something so irresponsible. If you are in fact a medical resident at UCMC, God help us.

      4. Anne says:

        Sorry – this should read: Someone in the medical profession – and you are claiming to be a medical resident?????? – would NOT say something so irresponsible.

  5. Logic Counts says:

    It’s bad enough that a 33 year old MOTHER of a teen encouraged him to fight another teen…

    but then the bystanders (including other teens) egged on the 2 teens to start fighting again once the fight was broken up.

    What is wrong with these people!

    1. james says:

      this is the mind set of latinos… sad

      1. sue says:

        Stop playing the race blame game. EVERY COLOR has it’s issues. There is NO race that is immune of crime, bad parenting, and faults. It is CLEARLY the mother that needs to get not only and education, but take anger courses, parenting courses and stop breeding.

      2. Alicia M. Ramirez says:

        You are an idiot James…..every race has its issues…whether it be drug, violence and crime…..no race is perfect

    2. Randy Gudgel says:

      It’s more the fault of the mother getting the fight started to begin with.

      It doesn’t matter the nationality of the bystanders. Teenagers’ blood starts boiling when they see violence. Of course they are gonna cheer for them to start fighting again. It’s just what happens.

  6. Mike Hawk says:

    You guys should all have a beer together and relax lol,

  7. midevilman says:

    NOW, NOW PEOPLE! WOW! Check yourselves. Such racists. Just because the name isn’t Smith you jump on the racist band wagon.
    The fact is that this stupid woman actually encouraged her son to fight. Whats if the other kid TORE him up? I guess she’d still be filming him getting stitches, and broken teeth removed. I hope the other parent has a team of lawyers pounding on her door! I wonder as well if dear old Dad is an idiot too.
    Let’s hope not.

  8. Tax Payer says:

    There is this B-movie that unfortunately is starting to seem all too realistic and this is a prime example. It’s called “Idiocracy” staring Luke Wilson. Kinda corny, but when you see idiots like this, it hits the nail on the head. LOL

  9. Jenell says:

    Trash, that’s what she is….trash. Some people should not have children. Post a video online….glad they arrested her. How could a parent do this to their own son???

    1. Anne says:

      Because some people clearly should NOT be parents…

  10. Jim says:

    I am a retired police sergeant and after 30 years of police work I am so scared up and crippled from fighting people who raise their children such as this. I observed a man who was trying not to fight get punched in the face and knocked down hitting his head on the pavement killing him! Fighting outside the professional ring is and can be a death sentence. even pro fighters get hurt and they never fight in public for the sake anger. This mother did the same thing another mother did to me once as a child and had her son attack me. Even as a child then i thought the behavior was odd for an adult?

    1. midevilman says:

      Jim, I just wanted to thank you for the 30 years of making a difference.

  11. A says:

    She probably has ten more kids in the house. Welcome to the future of America. It is sliding down fast.

  12. Matt says:

    When will everyone realize the only race that matters, is the human race? There are @$$*^$% in every group of people. This thug mentality has infected the younger people, white, black, brown, even Asian. Hell, when I was in high school, the Vietnamese, barley spoke English, and the one that did only would complain about how strict their parent are. Now that they are the parent, and Americanized, their kids are out running amok with the rest. I guess it all boils down to respect. If you don’t respect yourself, how can you respect others or have others respect you… There are just as many white kids out there running amok and doing crime.. Cops are looking for darker criminals though…

    1. Anne says:

      Amen, Matt. When did this bullying behavior become the norm anyway???

  13. John says:

    You’re ALL WRONG!!! Y’all get OUT of MY COUNTRY!!! GO BACK TO YOURS!!! I am a Native American Indian and therefore, unless you are like me, I am the ONLY ONE WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE HERE!!! ALL YOU OTHERS GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    1. Too Bad says:

      Don’t you have some drinking and gambling to do?

  14. Bean dips says:

    Another bean dip making positive contributions to society. Can we just build a big fence around greater Modesto? Maybe dig a tunnel so the really tough ones can go fight other bean dips in Fresno and see who might be the toughest?

  15. Forrest Gump says:

    Momma always said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  16. Al says:

    The kid is essentially doomed by his DNA: when morons breed, you pretty much just get another mororn!!!!

  17. Observer says:

    Ouch, people! Why all the ugliness? Isn’t there enough out there with this one mother’s actions encouraging her son to beat up another person all for the sake of Youtube? She has stooped so low – we don’t have to be the same. It is not the color of your skin, religion race or creed, but be judged by your choices. Actions speak louder than words. Lead by good examples – not stupidity!

  18. woolie says:

    What a fricken dumb ass mother…

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