By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  “I, I couldn’t believe it. I mean I was just dumbfounded” says Rick Logan, still reeling from what he saw his UPS driver do.

Rick knew he’d be working when UPS was going to deliver the package he’d been waiting for.

So he left the driver a note on his front door which instructed: deliver to the neighbor.

He also had the ability to log-in to his home surveillance system, which he did.

“And I watched him walk up and read the note.”

The driver did what the note asked him to do; he turned and started to take the package to the neighbor’s house.

Rick continues “and walks over to the fence and throws it about 10-12 feet onto the neighbor’s porch.”

“And I was like you’re kidding me?”

His package wasn’t damaged, but he was so upset he posted the video online, joining the numerous other clips unhappy UPS customers had posted of their deliveries.

“What did UPS do, run over this thing” asked Jim Fenis in a story we featured last year.

UPS refused to pay the insurance claim for the damage done to Jim’s shipment; they blamed it on “improper packaging.”

And that’s the same reason they gave Rick when another one of his packages was destroyed, even though he says it was the manufacturer’s own heavy duty packing.

“The box looked like something had been dropped on it” says Rick.

We sent Rick’s video clip to UPS corporate communications.

They wouldn’t answer our questions about perceived unfair insurance claim denials but did offer to look further into Rick’s delivery.

They also said their “drivers know they’re to handle each and everyone of their 15.1 million packages delivered every day with care.”

“And I brought it up and said look at this.  Did you see that?”

Rick also sent his clips to UPS customer service.

They sent it on to the Stockton hub supervisor who called him the next day.

They told him the driver claimed he simply tossed it.

Rick knows it was no toss.

“Tossing, I would just kinda like just toss it on the ground.  He (pffsst) like that” he says with an overhand pitching movement that might impress some MLB scouts.

A consumer attorney told us shipping insurance can sometimes be a waste of money.

Delivery companies can always put the blame for damage on whoever packed the goods, as they’ve done in the past, and there’s very little you can do about it.

Comments (7)
  1. NK says:

    I can always tell whether it’s Fed Ex or UPS that delivers a package. FedEx sets it on the porch. UPS drops it from about three feet above the concrete and I can hear it land with a thud a couple of rooms away.

    1. pjsfolleys says:

      I stayed home one day waiting on the deliviery of a recliner to out home. Imagine my surprise when I checked the progress and found it have been delivered. They left it behind our garbage cans in front of my garage. They also said they had knocked which they did not. We live in a small duplex and any knock on the door could be heard clearly. This has happened more than once

  2. R H says:

    I am a UPS driver and would never do such a thing. There are bad ones that work for every company, sorry you have one of the few.

  3. b says:

    It’s funny but it’s really not. Our UPS driver — when we were actually at home — would pitch the packages from the end of our front walk way trying to get it on the steps leading up to our door. The covered walk way up to our front door is about 15 feet long. We would hear a THUMP and my husband and I would look at each other and say, “theres the UPS guy”. Last week my husband finally had had it and he heard the UPS truck come around the corner and he walked outside to grab the package from the driver….that was when the driver FINALLY realized that my husband is one of the HUB supervisors. =D I suspect we won’t be hearing any more loud THUMPS onto our front porch. It happens to everyone — not an excuse but come on guys take responsibility for how you do your job.

  4. D says:

    They are a bunch of overpaid union delivery boys who think they can get away with anything. When I hear them stop out front I go to the door and make them hand it to me,I got sick of of all my packages being messed up.

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