SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Only a handful of home games remain for the Kings, and with the future of the franchise in Sacramento in doubt, die-hard fans may hope to land what may be the team’s last tickets.

After the theft of a charity founder’s car, some tickets may land fans a meeting with security instead.

Authorities said about 60 tickets to the April 11th game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder are still missing after someone stole the car from the founder of Sweet Dreams, a charity that designs rooms for sick children.

Jennifer Richards said a thief drove her car away while she ran inside her home to grab something off her counter.

“I walked out of my garage, looked around, and my car was gone,” she said.

Jennifer’s car was recovered Friday, but there was no sign of the stolen tickets. The Kings replaced the charitable tickets, but say there’s a chance the thief may try to sell them.

The tickets, all from section 101 between Rows S to X, have a face value of about $95, but will be worthless if they are used at the April 11 game.

“When they scan these tickets, they will come up as stolen,” Jennifer said.

Kings officials said anyone trying to use the tickets will be escorted to security officers and questioned about how they obtained the tickets. They will not be allowed to watch the game.

Comments (12)
  1. Vicky says:

    Something about this story stinks. She left $6,000 worth of tickets inside her car and left it running unattended?

  2. me says:

    Everybody in this town leaves their cars running while they go inside, Remember Sacramento is a cow town and nobody steals from anybody in this town. I’m sure they just borrowed it, Than decided they could make money selling the tickets for her. Once the Kings leave we’ll just have the old cow town to ourselves….

  3. wihhs says:

    I was surprised there were not MORE King’s tickets in the car when it was recovered than when the car went missing.

  4. christian says:

    WHO would want kings tickets heck they trying to kill them sick kids? The kings are what 20 – 49 or soething?

  5. john bus says:

    That’s fortunate, has she been in the car, then they would’ve stole the car and her.
    Welcome to Sac folks.

  6. mr. G says:

    Sighs..once again, i am exposed to such moronic comments that says more about the lack of education and sophistication of this community rather than the intended act itself. I think that arming some of yoy sycophants with a computer and internet access is more damaging to the intelligence level of this community than the criminals who inhabit it.

    1. Christylee says:

      Mr. G,
      I like how you use big words to prove how much smarter you are then the rest of the commenters…then you misspell “you”…sucks not having spell check, doesn’t it?!

  7. anon says:

    This young woman spends a great deal of time and effort designing rooms for terminally and chronically ill children and also raises the funds to do so.She did something I am quite sure we have all done before and ran in the house for a moment.Unfortunately someone seized the opportunity.She came forward to let people know so they wouldn’t buy useless tickets.Maybe instead of being hateful and petty people should try to be more like her.

  8. chris kemp says:

    the comments are way better then the story. you guys are funny.

  9. Matt says:

    Why do people always leave the key inside the car?
    Do they think they are super fast?
    Or do they think they live in a honest world?

    Anyway, I hope the thief is dumb enough to redeem the tickets.

    @”christian”: devoted Lakers fan or one of those bandwagon jumpers.

  10. mike bryant says:

    who cares. the Kings Suck any way and why would any of you fans put any more money in their pockets, when all they care about is money and not the fans. you guys are suckers. i’m sorry about the charity but i wouldn’t pay 2 cents to see these losers.

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