POLLOCK PINES (CBS13) –  The sun may be out, but several business in Pollock Pines are still dealing with the aftermath from last week’s storms.

Heavy snow piled up on the roofs of businesses is causing problems.  A Safeway store and CVS Pharmacy reopened late this morning after being shutdown over fears of a potential roof collapse.

The stores were evacuated Sunday evening after cracks were noticed in walls.  Crews worked last night to clear away some of the snow.  Workers estimate they removed anywhere from 10 to 20 tons off the roof.

Fire fighters and building inspectors checked out the stores this morning.  Despite walls that had been compressed by the weight of the snow, the buildings were deemed safe.

One cubic foot of snow can weigh 20 or 30 pounds which means tens of thousand of pounds of wet snow weighing down these roofs.

Over the weekend, the roof of the Knotty Lanes Bowling Alley in Pollock Pines caved in just as customers were told to get out.

A True Value Hardware closed as well after windows shattered as snow compressed the walls of that business.

Fire fighters have also been called to check out the roof of a steakhouse in Pollock Pines.

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  1. Yep, it's me..... says:

    Ahhh, my old stomping grounds….. I grew up in Pollock Pines, lived down by Forbay Lake. Safeway is the only grocery store in Pollock Pines, so everyone will have to go to Placerville to do their shopping….

    I sure do miss living up there…. I wonder if Chip Finn is still doing carvings…??? And I hope that 50 Grand is still serving those huge racks of Baby Back Ribs…. Bibs & all….. And I am sure Lucy is not around any more, but wonder if that little pool hall is still there…??? It was next to the 50 Grand Restaurant… And let’s not forget the Sportsman Hall…. Good food too…

    Hey Tom Lind & Danny Marks…. It’s me…. Yep, I am still alive & kicking…. Barely though…. LOL…. It’s been ages…. Only about 34 years or so, since i’ve seen you guys…. Who knows if you’re even still around… Miss you guys….

    Thanks for the memories CBS13…….

    1. Neal Timmons says:

      When were you in Pollock Pines? We might know each other. I grew up in Cedar Grove.
      Neal Timmons

  2. RogerRamjet says:

    Because the “Fire Marshall” is a structural engineer? What could possibly be the “fire” marshalls role in a potential roof collapse?

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