ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Sacramento County man has been sentenced to over five years in prison for trying to run down a Roseville police officer in 2009.

Walter Carrillo, 19, was sentenced to five years and four months in state prison Friday after he was convicted of multiple criminal charges stemming from an undercover police drug bust on March 6, 2009. He was convicted of felony assault on a police officer and multiple other charges including hit-and-run driving causing injury after he repeatedly slammed his vehicle into another while trying to escape.

Carrillo, who was 17 at the time, drove his vehicle to a parking lot a Main Street and Foothills Boulevard in Roseville to make a drug deal. When officers moved in, Carrillo drove between two of their vehicles, nearly hitting Officer Jeff Kool. The officer said he had to dive out of the way to prevent from being hit. At the sentencing Kool talked about how close he came to dying.

“It was a life-altering event that made me realize how quickly life can be gone,” Kool said. “[Carrillo] was willing to run me over and then he slammed into [the female victim’s] car over and over. It’s very apparent he has no regard for the safety of others.”

Several members of Carrillo’s were present at the sentencing including an uncle who testified about Carrillo’s positive character and pointed to the fact that Carrillo had graduated from high school and enrolled in college as proof that Carrillo had changed. The uncle went on to blame officers for causing the situation to become dangerous.

Deputy District Attorney Stephanie Macumber asked Judge Curry to impose a sentence of seven years and eight months. Judge Curry agreed and handed down the prison term of five years, taking into account time Carrillo had already spent behind bars.

Carrillo was also convicted of vandalism, assault on the female driver, resisting arrest, possession of drugs for sale and the sale of drugs.

Comments (5)
  1. Hang 'em High says:

    Got to love the family’s “attitude” toward this POS. Maybe we should start putting bleeding heart family members in jail/prison as well since “they” are the ones who allow criminal behavior and try to cover it up with “he has turned his life around” BS!

  2. John says:

    Unfortunately, he has turned his life around but it is a little too late…..more like 2 years to late.

  3. Marcoh says:

    This kids a bfing punk and so’s his useless moron family. Hope all end up in prison.

  4. kyo says:

    Unfortunately “Hang em high” that gos both ways the district attorneys office and its fine law enforcement agencys as well allow criminal behavior and fabricate evidence to win their case’s, not all but some. cop’s firemen will do and say anything the da’s office instruct’s them to do, I’m not condoning what he did, I’m just saying our county da’s office makes conclusions based on their thoughts and ego’s and not alway’s the truth.

  5. Jay says:

    @Marcoh and @ Hang’em High. 1st of all you do not know Walters family. 2nd you dont know Walter personally. And 3rd you do not know what happened the night of the Undercover bust. While I agree he should do some time for his possession of drugs with intent to sell, He should not have been sentencd to 5 years and 4 months. Why you may ask? Well if the undercover police officers had done the bust RIGHT there would not have been an assault on another driver and that officer who almost had gotten hit would not have been in the cars way. Before Officers go after their targets with guns drawn here is some advice, Why didnt they identify themselves As officers with lights flashing at the same time they were going towards a the young drug peddler with guns pointed at him. Oh and if they want to stop suspects from getting away in a vehiclle, You BLOCK his car with your own undercover vehicle. The manwill think he is getting robbed and is guna do whatever he can to get away before he gets killed for his drugs. Oh wait FYI, That is EXACTLY what happened to this young man Walter. His sentence would have been at least 2 years or less if the bust had been done right.

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