Grant opens the show today talking about the news of the Kings’ moving and the press’ reactions over the weekend. Also Grant talks about the great road trip the kings just had going 4-1.

Ian Eagle comes on at 5:40 to talk about The NCAA Tournament, and Mikuni Restaurant Group, Inc. comes in studio at 6:40 till the end to talk about their efforts to help those affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

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  1. Bruce Edward Nelson says:

    It is how everybody around here found out about the possible move.The Mayor found out by google alert they refused to turn over the docs they promised they would not say anything about anything They would not even show respect to the Mayor by meeting him.They would not return his calls.He had to go to the arena to speak with them for what 40 minutes.When they finally got a shot across the bow they responded .If they had not been so secretive and had been up front about this then all this mudslinging would not be happening.How can we know what their true intentions are with they are playing the no comment game.What kind of reaction did they expect?And now they are upset about the contents of the letter.Somebody had to nut up and say something

  2. Jeff says:

    If the Maloof’s move the Kings, they will find the same response the Rams found in Anaheim. Initially they will sell tickets, but fan support will fade quickly with owners that are not willing to spend the money to field a winner. Secondly, the NBA should require them to pay twice the relocation fee since it effects the Lakers and Clippers. The Maloof’s will also learn that STAPLES Center has more luxury suites and access to more money, so they will eventually complain about that competitive disadvantage and the need for more money. So, how to fix this problem. The City should put together a business development bond for around $300-400 million. The proceeds would be used to become an investor / part owner in the Railyard project where $200 million would be contributed to build an arena, the rest used to help small and medium sized businesses grow their business in the downtown Sacramento area. Revenues from the naming rights, event taxes, and other Railyard fees would pay back the bond, so no tax payer money would be used.

  3. Stanley says:

    I just wish Peaches would talk about how he got the nickname.

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