NEWARK, Calif. (AP) — Fire crews are on the scene after an explosion caused a fire at a Northern California oil refinery.

The two-alarm blaze occurred around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Evergreen Oil Refinery in Newark.

An on-duty plant manager told a Bay Area television station that a heat exchanger failed and caused some hydrochloric acid to be released but that it was contained to the inside of the refinery.

The station said one plant employee has suffered an arm injury and was taken to a local hospital. The facility is located near a residential area and takes in oil and hazardous waste from gas stations.

Alameda County Fire officials say no evacuations have been ordered.

Some roads near the refinery have been blocked off as a precaution.

Comments (8)
  1. C. Schnabel says:

    I am here 4 blocks from the refinery, numerous helicopters in the air. Unable to se any smoke or flames, but lots of law enforcement and safety equpiment. Not evacuated yet!

  2. Mark Jenkins says:

    Probably Just a Hoax to raise the price of gas even further- if there was a fire at An oil refinery the smoke would be so thick and black you wouldn’t be able to see the above picture.

  3. Zzzzz says:

    Ready for another round of increases? Hold onto your hats!!

  4. Uncle Rico says:

    You misspelled ankles.

  5. Tax Payer says:

    Refinery fires and “planned maintenance” always seem conveinent for price raises. Of course this ones a little rare, prices are rising instead of falling or hovering. Oil execs must be hungry or planning a trip some where. Or they are tired of only using $50 dollar bills to light their cigars and want to start using $100’s again…

  6. Todd A says:

    There’s film of the place on fire. IT’S WHAT THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT. Maybe you morons should start reading/watching the stories before you post your Bizarro World conspiracy theories.

    1. Aldo1887 says:

      Todd, try living next to a refinery for years, and seeing small fires that barely need someone to stamp them out with bare feet being used to jack up local gas prices, then see this same strategy done about every 5 years, WE HAVE. Go back and look it up, they pull this sh-t over and over cause folks like you don’t believe they would…

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