Today on The Don Geronimo Show, we talk about the media attention Dave has been getting with his #HereWeBuild movement, Janet’s TSA nightmare, and Don plays a new educational video.

Dave has been on a mad media tour since #HereWeBuild took off! The guys spend the first hour talking about it.

Don tells us about the TSA madness Janet went through this morning at Sacramento International Airport.

Don and Dave geek out on Superman, Batman, and Star Trek.

Today, Bart turns 26, and Don tells the story of his birth! Don and Craig then talk about the best pranks to pull on April Fools Day.

A fat guy in Bellaire, Ohio dies after being fused to his chair for two years! Don calls the town to talk to the people. Don then calls Germany to talk about teenagers who dip their tampons in vodka to get drunk.

Don plays us an educational video: Office Courtesy, from 1952.

Caller 100, happy ending


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