SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The goal of a new group called “Here We Build” is to not only keep the Sacramento Kings in the Capitol City but also to get a new stadium out of the deal.

The group is asking people to donate $200.  If a million people do, they’d raise $200 million and be able to negotiate with the Kings and the city of Sacramento.

The idea was inspired by Carmichael Dave from our sister radio station KHTK.

“To stand in front of Kings ownership and say “I’m so sorry for how things have gone– and tell us, what do we need to do,” said Carmichael Dave.

Several businesses have already contributed– and six billboards are up around town.

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  1. Bob says:


    1. Dan says:

      With out the Kings we will be no different than Fresno, As Phil Jackson said a cow town.

    2. Bill B. says:

      Let’s be honest here people. The Maloofs had always intended on moving the Kings out of Sacramento when they made the purchase a decade ago.

      They were in the market for an NBA team, saw the Kings at a discount and knew that within 10 years they could deflate the fan base enough to move the team wherever they wanted without much of a fight.

      They got a major city team for the price of a small market team with no fan base. Why do you think they are currently only several thousand $’s above the league’s minimum salary requirement? They cleared room for free agents when they are in a more desirable city and can attract max salary players.

      It pains me to say it, but Sacramento simply isn’t relevant anymore and this plan was in motion from the word go 10 years ago.

  2. Just a thought says:

    What is wrong with the “Old” stadium??? There is absolutely no reason to build a new stadium! If the “Kings” want to movem let them. Then bring in a team that wins and brings in more revenue!

  3. Wayne Buchanan says:

    1 million people are going to donate $200 each? I want some of what these dudes are smoking. That has got to be worth $200

  4. Swim says:

    The stadium they already had us pay for makes them a fortune and they still can’t pay back the millions they already owe. Why the hell should we finance a new stadium for the kings to suck in? Mabe if they didn’t trade away every decent player and win occasionally people would be more inclined to wanting to keep the kings. For me let them go rot wherever they like, just pay us back what is owed.

  5. norman nelson says:

    if we lose the kings we will never get another team must be a band wagon,stop talking you know nothing,we would lose losts of money and be the only city who could not keep a team.

    1. Swim says:

      Or we could be the first to say “Go to hell” to a team that got too damn greedy for their own good.

      1. Jeremy Staffordshire says:

        Yeah, totally! We should cut off our noses to spite our face! Rock on!

      2. Swim says:

        If the reasoning for keeping them is to avoid being “the only who could not keep a team” And wouldn’t we be making more money sense we wouldn’t have the Maloofs siphoning off a chunk from EVERY event held?

  6. Bill. says:

    Face it, the Maloofs are putting on a face.
    as much as I like the Kings & would like them to stay, the Maloofs have already made up their minds.
    The proof is in two things:
    1. The naming of Arco to Power Balance Pavilion, a sham company.
    2. Notice that when Anaheim was ready to approved the $75 mil, how quickly the Kings were winning & more? to say”Yes, we can win.”

    1. Matt says:

      Oh yeah, a billion dollar a yeah company is a sham….I hope you don’t work in the financial field, genious.

      1. scott says:

        There isn’t any actual scientific proof their product actually works and it is far from a billion dollar company. Closer to a 1 million dollar company.

      2. Raj says:

        Agree, Hopefully the genius doesn’t have a sham company of his own. If we loose the Kings’, forget about any team wanting to come here.

  7. Saclolo97 says:

    I’m in…

  8. Bob says:

    I would give up too 1 $100.00 dollar’s to keep them here!!

  9. Yvette Alley says:

    Where do I go to put my money where my mouth is?

  10. lcchocolate59 says:

    Spoiled rich kids (Maloof’s) are fuming because they can’t make more money than they already have? I won’t mind so much if the Maloof’s gre up a little and pony up half of the money needed to build a new stadium…as usual, the rich want the working class to flip the entire bu\ill, and Maloofs make the billions and give sac. back peanuts in return. I say let them leave…I’m not fond of crybabies not getting what they want and throwing tantrums-as they have last week.

  11. ingemar says:

    a new arena is a must whether the Kings stay or not! Sacramento needs to be competitive among other elite cities. we need to look for the brighter side of it and not be too pessimistic of this plan. a new arena can lure a lot of activities in the valley and thus creates jobs likewise increasing the value of what it is to live in the Sacramento region. we do not need to mourn about the impending move of the Maloofs Kings to the south, but take this scenario as a waking up call that all of us needs to unite in this gigantic effort of building a new arena not just to be at par among other elite cities, but over them. I love Sacramento and im a strong believer that we deserve the best of this world.

    1. Bill B. says:

      “Sacramento needs to be competitive among other elite cities.”

      I’ve been here a long time, but I’m not delusional enough to consider Sacramento an “elite” city. The only thing that keeps us relevant in the grand scheme of things is being the capital of California.

  12. nocalmike says:

    yeah the point people are missing here is that Arco Arena is old and outdated, it is basically crumbling from inside out. Go to any other city and look at the type of entertainment facility they have. It isn’t just about the Kings. They barely play there 1/3rd of the year. 41 nights out of 365 nights is not that much. It is the fact that a state of the art arena attracts many other acts, performers, sports events etc etc etc. I am tired of all the BIG ACTS only coming as close as the bay area. If an arena deal isn’t made now, the Kings are gone, and then we are a city without a professional sports team and in need of a new arena. If you think trying to get an arena built has been frustrating now, just wait until the Kings are gone. Have most of you even been inside Arco Arena lately? The place looks like taking a time machine to 1980’s. It is seriously outdated.

  13. Stan says:

    Hey if they can dig up a “million” $200.00 suckers to keep a team than use that money to stabilize the cities emergency services instead. If Sacramento feels we are nothing with out a team then it’s time to close the city and move everyone to Anaheim or where every they may move.

    Next tear down the stadium and never speak of it again.

    It’s truly sad when every news channels main story is will the go? Come on folks don’t you all think we have far greater issues in this world and our small part of it than to cry over the Kings! You all gladly pay for over priced seats and players for a group that owes Sacramento 70 million.

    Hopefully if the leave Sacramento – Sacramento will file a lien against the Maloofs Palms Las Vegas interest and recoup the loss.

  14. Scott says:

    What do they plan on doing with all of the money when this plan inevitably fails? Are they going to give me a refund or are they going to keep it to compensate themselves?

  15. LMAO says:

    Why should I have to pony up the $$ to keep them here?? What about the 77 MILLION that the Maloofs owe Sacramento? Why don’t they take that 77 MILLION and do something with the arena?? At least that’s a start. Those players and the Maloofs have millions of dollars of their own so why do I need to pay to keep a team here? I pay enough…especially in TAXES! If they want to stay they should pay..not me!

  16. David says:

    Forget the Maloofs, think about Sacramento, and Sacramento is better off having an company that employs almost 1,000 people while generating additional revenue to the city. The best way to make Sacramento better, is to keep this 1,000 employee business, and try to get additonal business’s to come to town. You don’t tell the business’s you already have to leave, only to try and bring in new business. You grow by addition, not subtraction. Business owners own business’s to make money. The Maloofs are no different than any other business owner. If we say we don’t want the Kings, because the Maloofs already have enough money, then isn’t that the same as telling every other business owner in town to go ahead and leave because they already have enough money? We have to stop thinkng like a small time government town, and start realizing how corporate business works. This is how the coroprate business of the NBA, and all professional sports teams work, and there is not a single city that currently has a professional team that would be better off financially if that team left. You lose jobs and revenue. You need to understand how non-government corporations work, and then find a way to make it work in your city. We need to make this work, not for the Maloofs, but for Sacramento.

  17. david says:

    I would happily pay $200.00, or more to help get an arena built and keep the Kings in Sacramento. Having a company that is non-goverment, help diversifies our local economy, which then benefits me. Forget the Maloofs, I am thinking of me, a Sacramento reseident, and having a strong economy in Sacramento benefits me. If the Maloofs also happen to make a little something along the way, so be it. At least I get mine, along with all the other friends and neighbors in Sacramento. Keep this business, and then get to work on trying to bring additional business’s to town. More non-government business will help diversify our economy, which makes you less susseptibale to drastic down turns. Keep the business’s we have, and work on bringing in more. This helps us!

  18. Susie says:

    I’m in why not

  19. me says:

    Kinda like putting the cart before the horse? Where were these people before all this junk with the Kings leaving? Let em go, we just want our cow town back. We all know when they leave they will also take with them the trash that supported them….

  20. Steve says:

    I have expertise in doing fundraising and can set up a telethon. Just give the word and i will call in and get it going. we can go around to the local businesses and collect items then go to the KCRA or channel 13 and get them to pony up the station and away we go. we can raise thousands for this effort.

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