YUBA CITY (CBS13 ) —  A woman walked out of a grocery store, got in her vehicle and said she was raped and carjacked by a man sitting in her backseat.

Shoppers on now on alert at a Yuba City WinCo grocery store, where yesterday one unsuspecting customer says she came face-to-face with a rapist.

Police say the woman loaded her groceries into her car, but when she got in she says she realized she wasn’t alone.  A man was in the backseat armed with a knife, and she says he forced her to start her car and drive to an undisclosed location where he sexually assaulted her and robbed her.

“Once you get in your car, you feel like you’re safe, you’re in your car,” says one Yuba City resident.

Police say they’re stepping up patrols, but the WinCo Company did not respond to questions about their security, but police say the company does not have parking lot guards.

“I try to watch who’s around me; if I come at night, I have someone with me,” says one WinCo customer.

The suspect is described as a man in his 20’s, 5’5”, 120 pounds with a slender build. He is said to have facial hair, and he wore a light blue beanie, blue jacket and black pants.   He spoke both English and Spanish, police say.

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  1. david says:

    wonder what time of day this happened? how can anyone get in their vehicle without looking in the backseat? were the vehicle doors locked? details missing from this story.

    1. Adonica says:

      Aritcles like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

  2. Amore' says:

    I agree David. Lots missing from story. If she loaded her groceries into her car and not in the truck theres no way she could have missed seeing an adult male. My thoughts go out to the victim. This is a poorly written news article. How can the victim get help from the public if the person reporting the incident -lets not forget the editor print poor work.

  3. realist says:

    It’s especially easy to not look in your backseat if your windows are tinted. Make sure you always look in the backseat before getting in your car. My 3 back windows are tinted very dark and I can’t see in unless I really focus. I always make sure to check, though. And the woman should have locked her doors before she went into the grocery store.

  4. Robert says:

    There is another article about this incident that was posted yesterday. It says the crime took place about 5:27am but it never mentioned she was raped. It only mentions he put his knife up to her and told her to drive somewhere and then came back to winco where he took off into a nearby field

  5. SUZI says:


  6. Lyssa77 says:

    Like, in the whole world? Or are you just being a racist?

  7. Bob says:

    there are a lot of people who can jimmy open your car door, especially the older models, and then lock it once they are in. How long does it take a AAA guy to unlock your vehicle? do YOU always look at your back seats before getting in? no, you don’t. Don’t make it sound like it was the victim’s fault.

    1. Unity says:

      That addresses seevarl of my concerns actually.

    2. Florence says:

      You really saved my skin with this ifnomration. Thanks!

  8. Gillgurl says:

    If she had a large SUV like a Pathfinder or Ford Explorer that might be possible. My mom drives a Chevy Tahoe and you can’t see over that backseat especially if someone was laying down. The only way you would know is first be cautious anyway before you even unlock the doors look inside, don’t be in such a hurry to get where you are going. We do not have the luxury anymore to be so relaxed in our surroundings, not in our cars, not even in our homes case and point. People are at their most desperate and darkest levels in life and anyone can become a victim. I feel really bad for that woman, it’s not fair that we can’t go about our daily lives with out having to be worried about harm or death.

  9. L84NEWS says:

    http://www.appeal-democrat.com has the story, and all details two (2) days ago… Maybe CBS 13 needs to start having a remote reporter & van up in the Yuba City & Marysville areas instead of just cut & pasting old news…

  10. david says:

    The appeal deomcrat newspaper in Yuba Sh@@tty reported that the suspect was hispanic the woman punjab and she did not understand english or spanish. The incident occurred at 5am in the store parking lot and she was taken to palora street where she was assaulted and then returned to the store. The article above should have also mentioned the shooting that occurred in the same parking lot that happens to adjoin an IHOP where a drunk and an out of towner got into an arguement and it resulted in a shooting.

    1. Artie says:

      Well macaadmia nuts, how about that.

  11. LillyLuLuu says:

    I dont understand Lyssa77 question or who that was ment for that caught my eye tho..? Anyhow, yea! First thing came 2 mind as i saw da newz is “shoulda locked her doors” but then again the story is lacking a lot of information which is not good n doesnt help much…i feel soo bad for the lady, i dont knw wat id do im that situation, besides being freaked out i like 2 think my self defense skills wud kick in, i mean if thats the way im going out 4rm this life then i wana go out fighting…but who knows w that situation… =[

  12. Doc says:

    Suzi, I sure agree with you, reporters these days just suck. Investigations have gone by the wayside.

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