SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Nursing is now the most sought after profession in Sacramento according to a research group called The Conference Board.

The groups says hospitals like Kaiser and Sutter Health are hiring more than any other businesses.

 But so many students want to get into nursing school right now, it may take up to 5 years to get in the door.

“The demand is still huge and unfortunately with state budgets, public schools are not able to meet the demand,” said Anette Smith-Dohring, Sutter Center for Health Professions.

“I’ve written letters of recommendation for students who are exceptional students and it still takes them years sometimes to get in,” said Sheridan Myamoto, Registered Nurse and Student.

There isn’t enough state funding to hire more teachers, so only about one in five students get in each semester.

After nursing, the most job postings in Sacramento are in retail sales.  There are about half as many postings for sales as there are for nursing jobs.

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  1. Shellshocker says:

    But show me one hospital that is hiring new grads! If you actually work in health care you know that all the area hospitals are on hiring freezes.

  2. wonderboy says:

    you are absolutely right Shellshocker! Not only that the won’t hire new grads, the area hospitals won’t hire you if you don’t have any hospital experience. how are we going to have experience if in the first place we don’t get any chance…..(at all)?

  3. yeahright says:

    We know two nursing students and it’s the same story-the hospitals won’t hire new graduates. They will only hire those with experience. Something is wrong with this data if they are saying there is a shortage. The hospitals dont’ want to take the time to give the new graduates training or experience.

  4. Unbelivable says:

    Very nice, I couldn’t believe when I saw this story on last night. Have they talked to any of the new grad that are searching desperately for jobs. Kaiser isn’t even looking at new grads. Ya, there are jobs out there, but none for new grads. Sad to say I graduated from this program, and it feels like we are being stabbed in the back.

  5. NursingStudent says:

    How much research or interviews did they do before they did this story. What a joke. The other comments are completely true. The hospitals aren’t hiring new grads. They want 1-2 years of experience but how do you get experience, with a job, but you can’t get a job without experience. My wife graduated from nursing school back in Dec. Out of a class of 30, only 3 students have been hired, 2 of them because they already worked in the hospital.

    In my opinion, the problem is with the nursing schools and the way they accept students. From what we experienced, most schools use a “random” draw for picking students. It didn’t matter if you had letters of recommendation and a 4.0, as long as the student meets the minimum requirements they are entered into the computer and it is a “hat” pick for spots. So you may get lucky on your first try or it may take years. We saw students get picked, last maybe a semester or two and then drop out. So that person took away an opportunity from another student. Yuba College utilizes a list. Last we heard the list was around 250 students but at least you knew when you could get in. Good luck to all the new grads out there looking for jobs.

  6. csus2010 says:

    In this tight market education is making a difference. If at all possible I’d strongly advise anyone wanting to get into nursing to consider a BSN program. Most of the people I graduated with at Sac State last year have already found new grad positions with Sacramento hospitals. But I agree, it’s a discouraging market for new grads around here – keep working at it though things will get better!

  7. Keith says:

    I sympathize with you. I am a Rn with 10 years experience and have my BSN. I left nursing for 5 years to raise my children. Now I am trying to get a job and no one will hire me. I was told that I have been out of the field for to long. Most hospitals will not consider hiring you if you have been out of the field for more than three years. I’m not going to get to discouraged. New grads don’t give up, it took me 6 months after graduating to find my first job. Good luck to all of you.

  8. Mom of 3 says:

    I left the previous comment and used my husbands name not realizing they would post it.

  9. John says:

    Same here in Denver. There is no nursing shortage. I have put out over 150 applications. I have gotten 0 interviews. I have been told by nurse recruiters that you have to know someone. I have also been told I should move. It however is happening all over. I am now looking out of state. I still have gotten no interviews. I have applied to prisons, doctors offices, hospitals, and long term care facilities. Everyone wants experience. I even had a Deputy Director of an EMS system talk to the manager at an ER for me back home. That didn’t work either. If you are reading this and thinking of going to nursing school well think twice..wish I had.

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