SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s campaign finance watchdog is recommending the largest combined fine in the agency’s history against Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for failing to report free tickets to dozens of entertainment events.

   The action was published Friday by the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

   It’s a result of a joint investigation by the state agency and the Los Angeles Ethics Commission. Each agency is recommending fines of about $21,000.

   In 2010, the city commission voted to prohibit all elected officials from accepting free tickets to events if the donor has business before the city. That action came after Villaraigosa acknowledged he had accepted tickets to events such as the Academy Awards, “American Idol” finals, and Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers games.

   A commission spokesman says the mayor has agreed to the fine.

   (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (7)
  1. Fred says:

    They’re all crooked

  2. C says:

    It’s the public’s fault. They voted for him, And if they didn’t vote, it’s definitely their fault too!

  3. hello! says:

    I think is a Gray Area thing, the donors should fyi the mayor; otherwise, after the tickets it do seems normally as unnecessary reported gifts.

    1. Fred says:

      Gimmee a break. If he is so clueless that he doesn’t know the rules, he doesn’t belong running a city or anything else. He knew the rules, he just thought (thinks, more likely) that he is above the law.

  4. Deb says:

    Yep, thought he could get away with it. Crooked politicians. Glad he got slammed with a huge fine. So stupid to not know the rules but thinks he can run this City…What a horrible Mayor.

  5. Sickof It says:

    Hey, Super Mex, you’re not untouchable. The rules in Mexico don’t play here. Go to jail!

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