Sacramento Kings Players Speak Out About Possible Move

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says he’s planning on going to the NBA Board of Governors meeting next month to plead Sacramento’s case to keep the Kings.
Johnson wrote on his blog “there’s still a little time left on the clock” to prevent the kings from moving.

He says the league has already granted his request to attend and speak on behalf of the city.

Meanwhile, several players for the Sacramento Kings are speaking out about the likely move to Anaheim.

Players sounded off during a volunteering event at Will C. Wood Middle School in Sacramento.

Forward Francisco Garcia says even if the Kings move, Sacramento will still be home.

“I’ve got a house out here and I plan on keeping it. I love the weather here.  I love the people, the fans,” said Garca. “I’ll always be a King for life.”

Players hear from fans every day asking about the team leaving.

They say they’re trying to stay focused on what they can control: games on the court.

  • lucas hess

    Dear Kevin, your job is to insure that the Maloofs pay back every cent owed to the City, not be plead with new age pirates and agree to pay ransom. Perhaps you’ve missed baseball here with the River Cats drawing nearly full stadiums game after game. It’s the Maloofs who are the problem, not this community and its loyalty. Time for you to actually try to balance a budget, create new jobs and attempt to be a mayor, not a figurehead. Why don’t you work towards gaining fans for Sac State basketball and football? Now there’s a local issue I would be willing to support with dollars.

    • A_mazed

      Totally agree with lucas’s comment!

  • B. B. Head

    I think the NY Knicks, who play in Queens, NY should move to Aneheim. The San Diego/LA Clippers should continue their Northward trek to Sacramento. The Kings would then move to Queens, NY where they would become the Queens Kings.

  • sactobabe

    Come on, the players have all been schooled on what they can and cannot say…do they think we are stupid?

    Sacramento, let the Kings go…we will survive without them.

  • jama3033

    I have been a Kings fan since they played at the original Arco arena which now a state building. This is just like the Lebron and Cavaliers fiasco. Now this is stupid. How does this look to the kids that are looking up to these two groups? The blame is on both parties. Are they even thinking about what the people think? I like what Don Geronomo said a couple of days ago,” this is like a bad divorce and the ones that are hurting are the kids(the community)”. This is all about greed. See how the love of money can rip a family apart?

  • b.b. head

    April fools…

  • Jake

    If the players like the weather in Sacramento, they’ll definitely like the weather in Orange County. They get to spend their money correctly in Orange County. Rolls Royce and Lambo galore on PCH in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. They’ll definitely live like Kings in Orange County.

    As for the Maloofs, basically, they’re taking the team away from many many people. They can just pay their debts and sell the team and buy another team. Leave the Kings to Sacramento like the Nets got a billionaire owner.

    But the reason why they’re not selling the team is because they are probably in serious debts with the Kings and their casino.

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