SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Squabbling over the future of the Kings has proved maddening for loyal fans, and with city officials indicating that the NBA franchise has their sights set on relocation, frustration is at an all time high.

When KHTK radio host Carmichael Dave began asking for donations from fans to build a new arena for the Kings themselves, he sparked a grassroots movement that has swelled into promises of donations that are approaching the half-million dollar mark.

Now they just need to put their money where their mouth is.

Many of the fans at Sunday’s highly attended 106-97 victory over the Utah Jazz displayed signs and shouted slogans in support of the “Here We Build” campaign, which has earned more than $400,000 in pledges thus far.

“The reaction has been unbelievable,” Carmichael Dave said.

Dave said he knows the fan-driven campaign to build a new arena is a long shot — maybe impossible — but it serves as a sharp contrast to recent statements by Sacramento city leaders, some of whom seem to have written the team off.

“We’re not going to raise $300 million, we’re not going to raise $400 million. What we’re going to do, and have done, is raised awareness,” he said. “The people have shown the city and the Maloofs that we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and let us have the last word.”

Much of the money pledged has been through Facebook and the campaign website, leading to questions about it’s legitimacy. One commenter on the site wrote, “ok we pledge then what? is an arena goin to be built? lol… full of crap…” [sic]

Dave said he is trying to organize a leadership team of accountants, lawyers and web designers to help turn the idea into a full fledged plan in the next few days.

“I don’t want to collect one penny of donations until people know they’ll get everything back if this fails,” he said.

The Anaheim City Council  has approved a $75 million incentive package in anticipation of the Kings’ move to Southern California, and a representative for the team’s owners has registered a number of trademarks that seem to indicate that the move is imminent.

The team’s owners, the Maloof family, has until April 18 to file relocation plans with the NBA.

Comments (34)
  1. Snarf says:

    Buh Bye!

    Nice try Anaheim Dave, but this is a fait accompli….

  2. smith says:

    Just give the money to our schools or other organization that serves those in need… we do not need a new facility for a FAILED GROUP of individuals who call themselves a “TEAM”; they are far from that.

    1. Calvin says:

      Wow. What a pathetic comment. You sir, are a moron.

    2. truthtalker says:

      How much money do we give to our schools now? All that money sure has helped, huh?

    3. Linda Gentile says:

      That is what we pay taxes for, I want my money to go for an sports complex. If you don’t like them then we don’t need or want your comments!! I agree, you are a moron.

  3. scott says:

    The Kings need to go away and give the money to our schools.

    1. Pam says:

      Next time I hear of a movement that I don’t agree with, I’m going to comment that it should go away, and we should give the money to our schools. I enjoy sounding uneducated and obtuse!

  4. rick says:

    here we be, there we be, we be gone ,,,,let them get out of town and use the money for something real

    1. Pam says:

      You’re talking about people’s personal money that they earned, and can spend it where ever they seem fit.

    2. Linda Gentile says:

      We plan on using it for something real moron. You and Scott should go down an pull weeds at the school.

  5. Dixie Gutierrez says:

    I agree, let them go somewhere where people can afford the losses, it’s not like they ever won a championship of some kind, lose the losers!

    1. Pam says:

      Tell that to Cubs fans.

  6. Sactown says:

    Can the Kings leave yet? Sacto has bigger problems than the need for an NBA team or new arena. Let’s clean up South Sac or Del Paso Heights first.

    1. truthtalker says:

      I prefer to leave the riff raff where they are. I’d rather not have them polluting my neighborhood. That’s why I went to school and got a good job, didn’t blame others for my problems, and moved into a nice neighborhood. The adults that live in Del Paso or South Sacramento chose to live in those neighborhoods based on the choices that they made in life. It’s not my job or responlibility to lift people out of poverty that chose a path in life that led them to said poverty. It’s also not my responsibility to take care of their kids. If they couldn’t take care of their kids, they shouldn’t have had them.

      1. whew says:

        That was real

      2. JJ says:

        I see your point and I agree.

    2. Lindyg says:

      Again PEOPLE, we pay taxes for those issues, can’t anyone in this town understand the difference?? Talk to your school admin on why they spend all the money on their needs and not the students. There isn’t enough money to fix South Sac and Del Paso Heights, again, it is up to the people that live there to clean it up, not the rest of us. Are you out there pulling weeds and painting in those area’s? I doubt it. Again look at the leaders you voted for.

  7. Shane Hill says:

    If you want to start a pledge drive for schools then go right ahead. This is for the a new entertainment arena. Keeping the kings helps the Sacramento economy.

  8. john says:

    I would donate for them to leave!

  9. truthtalker says:

    Sorry, but I already give the schools in this state enough money, and it hasn’t helped. They’ve gotten more and more money every year since I graduated high school 12 years ago, but the test scores and graduation rates have gone down every year as well. So if you have a problem with someone donating their own money to something that they like, then why don’t you sign your whole check over to the FAILED California school system every month? I’m sure the unions and administrators would thank you, because their jobs would still be safe, while more teachers are laid off.

  10. JJ says:

    The Kings have failed us and will continue to fail us. They have never won a championship and probably never will. Building a new arena will not make them any better of a team. Leave already Kings! Stop wasting our money on this worthless team!

    1. Pam says:

      Don’t spend your money on the team then. The team is pricessless to those who truely enjoy it. I don’t enjoy some things, but I don’t begrudge others for enjoying what ever they like.

    2. Lindyg says:

      Moron Moron Moron. People like you have no clue as to the big picture of what the loss of this employer will be to Sacto, look beyond yourselves and QUIT being so stupid!!!

  11. Paul says:

    This is a terrific effort by the here we build team!! The people that want the Kings to leave need a major dose of intelect. Why would you want to lose a major part of your economy in Sacramento? I guess these hateful people want even less money for the schools since there will be less revenue for them!!

    1. MC57 says:

      How much money Has the Mafools Put in this city? What did we do befor the Kings?

  12. me says:

    No sence in closing the barn door after the cows have already gotten out. Same thing with the Kings. Let them go, They will learn where the real fans were. Sorry about the cow comment, seeing how Sacramento is going to turn into a cow town again soon, Please hurry and leave Kings, I enjoyed my Cow Town before you guys showed up….

  13. Bill McDowell says:

    The City should arrest the Maloofs and not let them leave Sacramento until all debts are paid in full

  14. Carmichael Craig says:

    Dear Anaheim Dave…

    F U !!!! Just a publicity stunt by Anaheim Dave!!!!

  15. Gillgurl says:

    Why in the hell would anybody in their right mind give any thing to the Kings Organization. The Maloofs are millionaires who have more access to money than any of us could ever dream to have, so why put more out there for them to have. With the economy tanked, people losing jobs left and right ,not to mention the outrageous gas prices, once again who in their right mind gives millionaires more money?!!!!!!!! Are they going to be paying your bills if you just so happen to lose your job after you so lovingly gave them your hard earned cash for the Kings, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE GET A GRIP!!!!

  16. MC57 says:

    If you need to waste your cash on a grass root campaign how about THE BUY ME A NEW CAR CAMPAIGN. Cheaper than a Arena for a team that is looking south of here. at least I will stay awhile. Damn (SAC.) are we that Lame! Peace

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