SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A grassroots group trying to keep the Sacramento Kings in town by getting a new arena built is planning a rally tonight in downtown Sacramento.

“Here We Build” is asking supporters to show up at Cesar Chavez Plaza today at five o’clock.

The group is asking people to donate what they can to get a new arena built for the Kings.

So far, they’ve received more than $400,000 in pledges.

The idea was inspired by Carmichael Dave from our sister radio station KHTK.

Comments (14)
  1. Bob says:

    Total waste of time…..The Moloff’s just keep sucking them in……they may be the kings but we are the pawns.

    1. Sane Guy In the World Alone says:

      why can’t they have a rally to help people find jobs or the people who will loose their jobs when the kings leave or to fight the growing crime in all of our neighborhoods. them rich dudes are outta here w/ their team. why not rally to bring the monarchs back. at least they won a championship.

      1. Gina says:

        I AGREE!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Puhllease.. they’ll just use the pledges to pay Sacramento off.

  3. JJ says:

    WOW!!!! Really????

  4. No way says:

    Let them leave. Why beg them to stay? They should be begging us to let them stay! I don’t understand people. Fans are what makes them rich, they don’t pay me anything to watch them! Really they suck anyways! Good bye Kings

  5. Cheryl Katina Wimbush says:

    f*k the Kings they need to be sent to another state, not SoCal..Imma Lakers fan all day errday!!!!!!

    1. Christina says:

      until Kobe retires, then you fairweather Lakers fans will be a Royals fans. Errday!!!! F*ck the Lakers. And move the f*ck out of Sac and go to that smoggy gang infested dump called LA.

  6. mrsacramento says:

    I am getting bored listening to all you Sacramento redneck hicks. I can’t wait to laugh my a off when you find out the Kings are staying in Sacramento. The Maloofs love Sacramento more than the almighty dollar, unlike all of you cheapskate cow-towners who want to drag this city down into the hole your in.

    1. No way says:

      Then dont read it! That simple!

  7. sactobabe says:

    They are not worth it, just let them go Sacramento. The old team was worth fighting for, but not this one.

  8. rsah says:

    We need the Kings to stay to keep the 1,000 Sacramento employees employed, so they don’t have to foreclose their homes and to have a decent new entertainment arena that is for more than just the 43 games they play in a 365 day year, so we can get big name concerts, circus, and shows to come to this city, which by the way is the Capitol of California. If Kings leave, we all lose, let’s not just think small for ourself only, but for the greater good of Sacramento. What Dave is doing to get this pledge and rally going is to show we can as a city come together for a great cause and the city council will see how much this team means to us, so don’t complain tomorrow if you don’t participate by either making a pledge or going to the rally today!

    1. ikeepsitreal says:

      90% of the employees that work for the maloofs are seasonal part-time workers, their not owning too many homes. the concerts will continue to come as long as people buy tickets.

      lets not just think about ourselves wanting entertainment, but what about the 10 of thousands of people that have loss their job due to out sourcing. rally for them, that unemployment benefits that has run out.

  9. weeskyz says:

    f*ck the queens and the Smell-A fakers they dont pay no one money quit making them rich u pos’s! letem leave all they want! lets rally for more jobs other than part time jobs at the slarco harena!

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