Grant crammed the usual 3 hours into 60 minutes this afternoon, broadcasting from Dallas before the Kings tip off against the Mavericks.

Grant had one guest today: Tim Brando of CBS Sports. Brando recapped an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game that was full of smothering defense and outrageously poor shooting. Tim also discussed how scholarship reduction and a rise in talent level have evened the playing field for small schools and made historically prestigious jobs less appealing to up-and-coming coaches.

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  1. hank says:

    Grant will not fit in the O.C. audience base. His criticism of the BEE adversely
    affects the job losses coming with the impending move. He also has very little knowledge of city planning issues when he flippantly advocates for a new arena
    without considering the poorly administered public transportation network.
    He never rides a bicycle to or from work and has no sense of what the inner
    city core has to deal with on a routine basis. I respect his broadcasting skills
    yet he displays an obvious disconnect with the city where he makes his home.

  2. jasmine says:

    reply: hank–
    I live in the OC and Grant will fit in just fine. In fact, I predict he will be a MAJOR SUCCESS. You are the one who seems to display an obvious disconnect. Grant has that certain something that generates a spark of life in sports talk radio. His blunt, “as a matter of fact” approach is sheer genius. My gosh, the people of OC will LOVE him!! 🙂 And BTW, his criticism of the Bee is appropriate. The Bee and their lack of respect for the Kings organization has backfired. It’s sad actually. I never quite understood why the city newspaper seemed to detest the Kings from the if they secretly desired to run them out of town. How odd. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    1. Abradabracadabra says:

      Hey Jasmine –
      Rob Tom had it right a few days ago when he observed that Grant is an unsufferable ass. How do you explain that the Bee actually advertises through the Kings? Grant is the one that started with the feud by slamming the paper on his radio show every chance he could.

      I am not a fan of the Bee. But Grant is the culprit in this drama of the newspaper vs the Maloofs. Grant fired the first shots. He should have just kept his sizeable pie-hold shut on the situation.

      Also Hank has it right. Grant is disconnected with the city and the county of Sacramento. Mike Lamb had a much better handle on the situation, but his voice has been squelched.

      I think it is unlikely the Maloofs will keep Grant when they move to Anaheim as he has caused them too much grief not only with his callous treatment of callers and fans of the team, but he stoked the fire with the Bee vs the Maloofs. They will shred him when it comes time for the move. Of course I could be wrong, the Maloofs have made some incredibly bad decisions. If he lands in OC, you are welcome to him.

  3. Stanley says:

    Grant is largely responsible for the Kings problem with the Sacramento Bee. He has long said that he hates the paper and the writers. On his afternoon show he has often said that he never reads the Bee because he hates it, and would never subscribe. It is humorous that the Bee advertises on the TV Kings games and Grant has to promote for the paper. It must really stick in his craw.

    Grant does not live in Sacramento. He lives in Placer County, so naturally he is disconnected from the city and the countiy. He has advocated for a new arenal at public expense because he would not have to foot one dime of the money.

    Grant is also not “blunt”. He is rude, crude, and just plain offensive. His mood for any day dictates how far he will go. Picking on well-meaning callers and calling them ignorant jerks won’t go vary far in Orange County either. 50-50 the Maloofs will cut their ties to him.

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