SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The speaker of the California Assembly is blocking permission given to four lawmakers to carry concealed weapons inside the state Capitol.
John Vigna, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker John Perez, said Friday the speaker believes the job of providing security is best left to Assembly officials and the California Highway Patrol, which guards the Capitol. He says Perez asked the Assembly’s chief sergeant-at-arms to rescind the permits.

The Assembly would not release the names of the four lawmakers who had sought the permission.

Sergeants-at-arms in the Assembly began carrying .40-caliber semiautomatic handguns full-time this week in response to recent threats against state lawmakers and the shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona in January.

The Senate’s chief sergeant, Tony Beard, says no senator has asked to carry a weapon.

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Comments (14)
  1. CCWHolder says:

    Yeah, that’s it; someone else should be responsible for your personal security. God forbid you actually take steps to protect yourself. If you have training and qualify as per the rules for having a CCW, you should be able to carry a firearm for personal protection.

  2. Retired old guy says:

    Sounds like Republican behavior to me.

    1. Earnes says:

      Since when have republicans denyied you your second ammendment rights ??Do your home work retired senial guy

    2. Sam says:

      Look at what Arnold did Earnes.S

  3. NRA ALL THE WAY says:

    Why even have the ccw laws if we can’t even exercise that right?
    This state is full of a bunch of nancy’s….

  4. JW says:

    Why don’t we get rid of ALL handguns and automatic weapons?

    1. BigBallsMcGurk says:

      because I need to defend myself when you and the like come to take away my V8 truck and attempt to suck the crotch out of my pants

      1. jj says:

        go back to your frat house McGurk!

    2. bruce says:

      to get rid of all automatic weapons you would have to go door to door until all 300,000,000 residents have been searched!

    3. NRA4LIFE916 says:

      That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. Exactly how would you propose such a daunting task be executed?

  5. jj says:

    i can’t believe they were allow to have them there in the first place

    1. Sam says:

      I don’t believe you have a brain.

  6. old fart says:

    The war on drugs can’t be won no matter how many mommys you lock up for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can’t regulate morality. If you legalize drugs the gangsters won’t be at schools trying to sell it to your kids. Check out the L.E.A.P. web site.LEAP Statement of Principles
    1. LEAP does not promote the use of drugs and is deeply concerned about the extent of drug abuse worldwide. LEAP is also deeply concerned with the destructive impact of violent drug gangs and cartels everywhere in the world. Neither problem is remedied by the current policy of drug prohibition. Indeed, drug abuse and gang violence flourish in a drug prohibition environment, just as they did during alcohol prohibition.

  7. Music machine says:

    The statement “You can’t regulate morality” is false. Virtually everything we do is regulated. You want to marry some girl, she has to be at least a certain age, she can’t be too close of a relative. You want to drive your car, you need a license, the car has to have a minimum of safety features, you can only go so fast in certain places….You want something at the store, you have to pay for it. Regulation is totally related to morality as the justification for law and respect for one another.

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