RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has taken his budget message on the road.

Photos: Governor Jerry Brown’s 2011 Inauguration

On Friday, he stopped at an elementary school in Riverside to make his pitch that voters should decide whether to support a renewal of recent tax hikes. He says balancing taxes with spending cuts is the best way to close California’s remaining $15.4 billion deficit.

The Democratic governor says the state is too divided and the stakes too high to let lawmakers decide what to do without consulting voters.

Brown targeted a Republican district on Friday and plans more appearances throughout California in the hopes of winning some GOP votes, which are needed to call a special election.

Brown says there is no right answer, but residents need to decide what they want from the state.

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Comments (14)
  1. landsknekt says:

    Tell Brown and his cronies to fix out spending problems first. If he set the budget at 2009 levels the budget would be balanced. But no, he has to increase several areas and create this problem. Before I vote in one DAMN dime, you need to fix the states current spending problem. If hat means you have to make some hard choices then do it, its what your voted in for…and quit trying to place this on voters!

    1. Retired old Guy says:

      Good thing the solutionn is not up to you. Best leave the answers to those who know what’s happening. It ain’t YOU>

  2. Grant says:

    He got elected to fix the budget mess, now he pawns off the responsibility to the voters. Typical politician.

  3. Joy Carroll says:

    Gov, are you shirking your duty by asking for a vote from the people. The people are going to vote against leaving the taxes in DMV…Please leave them there so our daughter who is a wonderful teach doesn’t loose her job. This is one time tenuring doesn’t help. Bad teacher with more tenure than Laura keep their jobs.

    Anytime jobs are depended on things like DMV fees, the Lottery are always shaky. Texas tax the Industry for school taxes….works for theml

    1. Old Hippie says:

      I hope your daughter writes better than you do.

      1. Retired old Guy says:

        Hear, hear.

      2. Fred says:

        No kidding

  4. Patriot says:

    Grant and Landsknekt – What is the problem if he let the voters decide whether they want to keep paying the same tax they are paying now. Stop playing the politics.

  5. Nan says:

    Fine, leave it to the voters. I’m voting against the taxes.

  6. Jlor says:

    Just say no to the public employee unions, Jerry. If you won’t the people will.

  7. Tyler says:

    FYI we don’t have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem. If you think that fixing all the problems in this state (and country) is as easy as voting in the right guy and voter/tax-payers should bear none of the responsibility you are a child. Grow up.

  8. Timothy G Twomey says:

    What a revolutionary idea. What a surprise from Jerry magician. Raise taxes.

    There will be no provision requiring the money go only to close the budget. It is like Lucy and the Football.

    Tax and they will spend.

  9. Mr. Taxpayer says:

    Gov. Brown, it would help if you start saving money for the taxpayers and stop wasting transportation fees for yourself and your staff promoting the ridiculous idea that the average hardworking taxpayer of California is going to vote on your tax initiative.

  10. lduket says:

    The intent of these 2009 tax increases was to balance the budget and reduce the deficit. What happened to this money? Don’t give them another increase. They can’t be trusted.

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