SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The possible move of the Sacramento Kings to Anaheim will definitely taking a detour through the halls of the State Capitol.

Today, State Senator Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento along with Assemblyman Roger Dickinson of Sacramento, Senator Ted Gaines of Fair Oaks, and Assemblyman Richard Pan of Sacramento introduced a bill that prohibit a professional sports team from moving with in California unless that team has paid off all its debts to the California city from which it moves.

“Pro sports teams frequently create partnerships with local government, but let’s not forget these are tax dollars at work,” said Senator Steinberg. “No one is saying sports franchises, like any other business, shouldn’t be able to move to another city. However, taxpayers in one city shouldn’t be left holding the bag for the benefit of another city. “

“When pro sports teams move, they leave communities and loyal fans deprived and disappointed,” said Assemblyman Dickinson. “This bill at least ensures the teams don’t leave without paying their bills.”

The bill is obviously a response to possible move of the Sacramento Kings to Anaheim.

“Sacramento taxpayers can’t play second-string to Anaheim,” said Senator Gaines. “Losing the team is bad enough and there is no way Sacramento can eat the nearly $80 million owed by the Maloofs.”

“Sports fans give so much to their teams and if that includes loans financed by taxpayer dollars, those loans should be repaid before teams relocate,” said Dr. Pan. “Here in Sacramento, we’re fanatical about our Kings but not to the point of saying, ‘Thanks for the memories, don’t worry about that $77 million.’”

If passed, the new law would apply to any relocation agreement entered into on or after January 1, 2011.

The bill is classified as an urgency measure to take effect immediately, so it requires at least a two-thirds majority vote for passage.

Comments (9)
  1. Adam Sartain says:

    I’d love for this to pass, but good luck getting a Republican to vote for it…

    1. rdbrock46 says:

      I am A republican and I think all tax payer money’s should be paid back before a move. there are according to the article republicans promoting the bill. So what are you talking about????

  2. Dan Weddle says:


  3. Michael James Islas Jr. says:

    a republican will vote for it only because they in the end want the fees and deals kept and paid for in especially if it involves a sports team

  4. Michael James Islas Jr. says:

    Oh they’ll leave only and when they pay off the bond holders that had the kings kool-aid and THEN the Magoofs and leave cheap bean counting owners always worrying about a bump up against the luxury tax or any time a player has a boo boo injury they trade me off Kobe Bryant would have been traded off as dumb as these owners are.

    Should have known when they canned Rick Al long ago they should have fired the GM instead! NOW they have a coach very cheap contract hire and you get what you PAY FOR a coach with no decent rotation system if at all so GOODBYE kings and besides there is talk in L.A. of the L.A. Clippers wanting to move up here if true this is GREAT news at least they’re better than the kings AND let me end this on this note the kings wanted to save money by eliminating the sacramento Monarchs? the other team they had that was WINNING ? and the REAL reason why the fans were hanging in there for the kings it was BECAUSE of the other winning team the monarchs so you tell me were the Magoofs right or wrong on that decision? no wonder WHY these brothers were sent off and away from VEGAS and anything else operated by the family!.

    1. Michael James Islas Jr. says:

      I have to say I made mistakes this site offers no editing NO I was not traded off LOL and it offers NO alternate user name so my bad now everyone knows me LoL and I typed in can leave not and leave ? go figure.

  5. Ragman says:

    They haven’t stopped paying yet…could we have a little dignity as a City…please!!! We are acting like the jilted girlfriend that is going to do whatever she can to keep her man!!!

    You’d think we were the first city to deal with this…

    1. Kajun says:

      Trust and verify. It has nothing to do with dignity….wake up

  6. landsknekt says:

    Unfortunately, the Maloofs need to leave. They suck a business (look at what they have squandered). Sacramento Government needs to attach a lean against the team (with interest) that will guarantee that the team pays back what it owes. In the mean time Sacramento should go after an expansion team or buy another team (Seattle/Oklahoma City). A lean keeps the Magoofs from selling or otherwise profiting from the team until the loans are paid back and Bankruptcy courts do not generally forgive governmental leans.

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